The Burger Joint review

Since writing this review The Burger Joint has moved to Whiteladies Road. Their new address and contact details are at the bottom of this post.

Situated on Whiteladies Road is The Burger Joint, a little place that’s kept itself very quiet. Had it not been for the whisperings on the foodie grapevine we may well have walked past it’s relaxed, unassuming exterior without even knowing it was there. But this has got to change! The Burger Joint should be making lots of noise, in fact it should be shouting from the rooftops, as believe me-they have a LOT to shout about! So I’m going to get the ball rolling and do it for them.

We visited The Burger Joint on a Friday evening, and despite the tiny, cafe style dining room, it was buzzing. The atmosphere here is almost as good as their burgers, (wait for it-I’m coming to them in a minute) and it exudes a carefree feel that’s quite infectious-we felt instantly at ease. The decor is simple-it can be described as nothing else, but this isn’t a bad thing. Dan and his team are clearly taking a no frills approach, and instead, are focusing on the important stuff-the food!

The first thing that strikes you about the menu is the DIY approach. As well as your menu, which clearly talks you through the “build your own” stages of ordering, each diner is given an order form. This nifty tick sheet allows you to select the type of burger and the range of toppings, sauces and sides that you’d like, even down to the detail of whether you want sauce in your burger or on the side! The novelty of this approach works for the diner, as well as undoubtedly making life easier for the chefs.

We opted for the mezze to start, which consisted of toasted pitta, hummus, taramasalata, falafel and marinated olives. Despite only ordering two portions between four of us there was more than enough, and everything was simple, tasty and clearly great quality.

Now for the burgers…! As I’ve mentioned, the diner is encouraged to take a DIY approach and build their own burger, and for this reason there is a high chance that you might end up with some slightly unusual combinations! For me it had to be the venison burger (succulent, pink in the middle and seasoned to perfection), topped with blue cheese and with a side of chunky homemade chips, dijonaisse and garlic Mayo.

For the rest of our party there was a combo of beef, topped with chorizo and cheddar, beef topped with melted Brie and lastly, burger of the week, described by our brilliant waitress as chilli, chilli and more chilli! All were served in a beast of a ciabatta bap with our choice of sides, and when our waitress warned us that the portions were generous she wasn’t half joking! After soldiering through one of the biggest portions of food I’ve ever been served, at less than a tenner a head, the verdict was unanimous-we had probably just discovered the best burgers in Bristol.

So next time the urge for a burger stops you in your tracks please, please, please don’t go for the easy option *cough* McDonalds *cough*. Make the effort and seek out The Burger Joint…you may have to have a little lie down afterwards due to a severe food coma and a bad case of satisfaction but I promise – it’ll all be worth it!


The burger joint, 83 Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2NT

T: 0117 329 0887


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