Bristol’s Best Roast Dinners

Well it’s been a couple of years since we started this post and we’ve been updating it each time we’ve found another Bristol gem. A huge thanks to all of our readers who have left comments and recommendations. Please keep them coming!

A decent Sunday Roast can be hard to find, and when everyone knows that a good roast dinner will cure all ills (most notably hangovers and colds) Foodie thought it best that we give you a helping hand with some of our favourite Roast Dinner retreats…

The Rummer Hotel, City Centre
All Saints Lane, Bristol, Avon BS1 1JH
t: 0117 929 0111
Relaxed yet sophisticated, enjoy great food and wine with an open fire, soft jazz in the background (the cocktail list could also help you pass the time!) Roasts are served 1-5pm on Sundays and cost £10.50 or three courses for £17.50.
Yorkshires – Clearly homemade – huge in size, puffed up and fluffy.
Gravy – Came in a separate boat rather than pre-poured which I like as you can have as much or as little as you like, it’s down to personal preference after all. The gravy tasted rich and meaty. Beautiful flavours. Really good.
Meat – We chose beef, it came very rare and tasted fabulous. Very tender and had a real wow factor.
Veg – Seasonal veg, we had roasted beetroot and curly kale amongst others. A welcome change the the broccoli and carrots I normally cook at home.
Potatoes – Very well cooked, crispy on the outside. fluffy in the middle. Just how they are meant to be.
(Feb 2013)

The Rummer Hotel Roast Beef

The Richmond, Clifton
33 Gordon Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1AW
t: 0117 923 75 42
A traditional pub with ales, wines, an open fire and a good roast. Price is under £10 and roasts are served til 8pm on Sundays.
Yorkshires – light, fluffy and home made – what more could you ask for?
Gravy – Rich, tasty and again, home made. I’d prefer a gravy boat to ‘on the plate’ but this is me being finicky
Meat – Beef was beautifully rare, just how I like it. Request it well done if rare is not to your taste though. The slow cooked lamb simply fell apart, very tender albeit a little fatty.
Vegetables – Too much variety: swede, parsnips, carrots, peas, green beans and red cabbage. Peas, carrots and beans were fine, nothing special. Cabbage was delicious as were the swede and the parsnips.
Roast Potatoes – Crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle and a great taste. Roasties can make or break the meal but these were spot on!
(April 2012)

The Lansdown
8 Clifton Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1AF
0117 973 4949

Big weekend, friends have come to stay, Saturday night on the town. Sunday = ROAST DINNER! And I honestly haven’t found one to beat the Lansdown. Rare beef, red cabbage, crunchy roasties and carbie yorkshire puddings, and the pork and chicken both looked amazing too! Relaxed, family atmosphere, with outdoor seating. For under £10 you really can’t go wrong. I struggle to bring myself to try anywhere else when I know it is so good here!

The Cadbury House
68 Richmond Road, Montpelier, Bristol BS6 5EW


0117 924 7874

Hippy chic and tucked away in Montpelier, the Cadbury does a good roast. Ample gardens to hang out in, decent ales and ciders to choose from and priced at less than £10 for slow roast belly pork with tons of crackling you really can’t go wrong! And there is a corner shop round the corner to buy the Sunday papers. Bonus!

Browns Bar & Brasserie Bristol
38 Queens Road, Clifton, Bristol
Telephone 0117 930 4777

Now, as an already huge advocate of Browns Brasserie, this review is slightly biased… nonetheless their roast dinners are pretty damn good and I wouldn’t hesitate to eat there time and time again. At £11 – £13 a head they’re not the cheapest however the portions are large, the Yorkshire puddings are homemade and the service is fantastic – not only that but they serve a Sticky Toffee Pudding to die for – the perfect end to a good old fashioned Sunday Dinner.

The Albion
Boyce’s Avenue, Clifton Village, Bristol
Telephone 0117 973 3522

A great roast. The beef is served rare, succulent and melt-in-the-mouth good, served with goose fat roast potatoes and homemade gravy. Portions are generous (albeit whenever we eat there, there’s little left over). The atmosphere is warm and welcoming – in fact with the roaring fire within the bar and a very extensive wine list it is all too easy to sit back, relax and spend the entirety of your Sunday afternoon in the pub. The only negative is price, The Albion is definitely not a cheap Sunday afternoon out although a very good way to celebrate Sunday in style.


Our Readers’ Favourites!

We’ve been overwhelmed with how many comments and recommendations we get on this post. We haven’t tried all of the below but you lot certainly have! The top roasts recommended by you include:

  • Rose of Denmark, Hotwells
  • Lazy Dog, Ashley Down Road
  • Star & Dove, Totterdown

In addition to our post, I’d like to give a bit of a shout out to the Bristol Sunday Lunch Club. A newly discovered Facebook group, run by a lovely chap called Ben, which is a great resource for quick recommends and has even helped us find some new places to try. You can join the group here.



45 thoughts on “Bristol’s Best Roast Dinners

  1. Gemma Reply

    OMG this is so useful – I’m always on the lookout for new pubs & restaurants to try for Sunday Dinner – especially when we have family visiting!

  2. Gemma Reply

    Hi Rachael,
    glad it came in so useful – let us know if you stumble across any more good Sunday Roast haunts!

  3. Gemma Reply

    Maybe not one of the “best” but certainly very good and one of the cheapest is Clifton Wine Bar.

    Food was hearty and home-cooked and at only £6.95 for a roast, massive portions and a special offer of buy 2 large glasses of wine, get the rest of the bottle for free this is great value – I couldn’t believe that a meal for 4 of us including drinks cost only £38!

    Gemma, Bristol Foodie

  4. Clare Reply

    Sadly The Albion seems to be resting on its reputation. Whilst the beef and vegetables were great last Sunday (Jan 16th 2011) the roast potatoes were nasty: very hard, thick and chewy crusts indicated they’d been put in the oven at the beginning of lunch and yanked out when required. They were probably lovely at 1.00 but I didn’t get them until about 3.15pm (and before anyone thinks ‘serves you right for wanting Sunday lunch so late’ I’d booked the table for 2 but it wasn’t ready and plenty of other people arrived after us). The Yorkshire pudding was rubbery & reminiscent of school dinner Yorkshires. At £15.50 for that course I expect a much higher standard. The Albion is definitely no longer the best place in Bristol for Sunday lunch. The Pumphouse is comparably priced and considerably better and if you sit downstairs also has that ‘pub’ atmosphere. The Kensingtpn is also pretty good.

    • Becci Reply

      Looks like we might have to update our Bristol’s Best Roast Dinner’s post! Thanks for the heads up Clare!

  5. Gemma Reply

    Mmmm – just went to The Lansdown , it really is good there homemade yorkshires, suculent meat beautiful veg plus desserts are just to die for. Millilonaire Shortbread with toffee icecream and toffee sauce – drool!

  6. Cherylb Reply

    Loved this post, Jacks on the waterfront by lloyds building do a gorgeous Sunday lunch one of my favs x

  7. Tim Reply

    Thanks! Such a useful post! We’ve tried all of them having read your recommendations. I think the ‘Lansdown’ was my favourite. Food really was excellent. Thanks!

    The Cadbury’s food and service were also very good but the local ‘reggae roast’ cliental were a little bit scary! (and stoned) a bit rough and ready for us! But again food was top drawer.

    ‘The Hole in the wall’ just off Queens Square offer an excellent Sunday lunch platter (beef/pork/chicken) for £10.50 and we’ve found the food quality and service to be consistently good. A purely subjective gripe is that it appeals to families. So if your after a quiet lunch, probably not the best venue. 1 out 3 customers will have a baby/child in tow.. In their defence the place has two floors so you can usually find a quit corner.

    We also like to visit the Hatchet inn on Frogmore Street for a roast. You can find a cosy corner to enjoy generous portion sizes of hearty food,it’s just how your mum makes it! Only downside can be the jukebox. it seems to be whatever the bar staff fancy that morning. So find a seat away from the music and your sorted.

    Lastly ‘The Urban wood’ on Colston Street has recently started opening Sundays. used to be called the Wild wood but changed last year. Fantastic service and a cosy back room. I found the roast beef ( I asked for medium) quite rare for my taste, so ask for well done! But generally very good!
    Thanks again!
    P.S Please do another Sunday lunch post!! :)

    • Becci Reply

      Thanks Tim,

      Glad you liked it and thanks for other recommendations. We are in the middle of ‘project roasts’ at the moment and plan on updating this post asap with some new suggestions!

      Hatchet and Urban Wood have now been added to the list :)

      Bristol Foodie

  8. Donna Hervin Reply

    A little hidden secret is the Sunday Lunch at The Rising Sun in Frampton Cotterell which is in between Winterbourne & Yate. My family find that very hard to beat. A real proper Real Ale Pub with a Conservatory. I have eaten in top London Hotels and this Lunch at The Rising Sun is hard to beat.

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks Donna, I ate there years ago for a pub meal not a Sunday lunch and remember it being good. Definitely an excuse for a return visit!
      Bristol Foodie

  9. Lisa Reply

    Hi Gemma, I had lunch at the Albion last Sunday…the venue is great and that’s where it ends I’m afraid. The staff are rather ignorant, the food is overpriced and the value is terrible! I asked the waitress what pastry was the Lancashire pie cooked in and she said “oh; I don’t know?” and stood there looking at me..? I asked if she could find out, and she responded with “I think it’s a mixture of wholemeal flour and maybe some cheese?” so I asked her if she could find out for sure? She frowned and said “mmmm ok”. I decided to order the Lancashire cheese pie with buttered greens; the pie was in a small pot with an over cooked pastry lid. The filling was a centimetre high (!?) however quite pleasant…if only it had more of it. It was almost comical. The greens were under cooked and were most definitely not buttery or seasoned. Over all the experience was terrible and I will not frequent their restaurant again. For a fantastic Sunday roast, great ambience and service I would recommend the Pump House as Clare stated back in January last year. (Even though I think their prices are a tad high) For the best overall experience I highly recommend Harvey Nichols in Bristol! HN’s is a hidden gem, which I’m so thankful I discovered last year. How many restaurants when you say you wish they had the tarte tatin on the menu, return from the kitchen and offer to make you one? THE best Tarte tatin I’ve ever had!

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Lisa! Oh no that experience sounds terrible ! We were bowled over at the Albion though that was a little while ago so sounds like they need a return visit.

      Thanks for the tip on Harvey nicks though. Have heard great things from several people, definitely on the to try list!


  10. jack Reply

    Recently had a Sunday Lunch at the Future Inn, Cabot Circus, Bristol, and I really enjoyed it. Although it was a carvery, the quality was great – fresh, tasty, good quality ingredients and home cooked. Would recommend if you want somewhere Central Bristol rather than go to a bland mass-produced and over-priced chain. Lovely pork, rare roast beef, or turkey, home made apricot stuffing, spiced cabbage, home cooked roasties and yorkshires!and pigs in blankets complete the picture, they also serve up until 7 pm on Sunday. £10.50 for two courses, starter and main or starter and pud. Unassuming, comfortable dining area.

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks for the recommendation Jack, sometimes it’s the most surprising places which serve up the best grub! Definitely one to try

      Bristol Foodie

  11. Dave Reply

    We go for a roast every Sunday, religiously, and so have racked up about 500 bristol sunday roasts over the past 10 years. I agree with all the recommendations you made above although as a lot of people have mentioned, standards can vary depending on the chef etc. A few good ones to add would be The Rose of Denmark in Hotwells, the Lazy Dog on Ashley Down Road and No 51 on Stokes Croft. Probably my favourite is the Lazy Dog. This place has a great garden, really friendly staff and the roast is spot on every time!


    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Dave – wow sounds like you are THE roast dinner expert in Bristol. Thanks for your three recommendations too, always good to have new places to try.
      Thanks again and keep your comments and recommendations coming!
      Bristol Foodie

  12. jessica Reply

    I think the list is a bit Clifton-centric. One example of a really great roast outside of that area is the Inn on the Green in Horfield- its a real ale + cider authentic pub. Its roast has a rich,tasty gravy, good choice of meats + two vegetarian options, proper potatoes, enough veg; braised red cabbage, brocolli, a really delicious sweet potato puree..I really recommend making the effort to get out of Clifton for it.

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Jessica – thanks for the recommendation comments and feedback are always very welcome :-) Sounds like Inn on the Green is definitely a place to try!

      Bristol Foodie

  13. Pip Reply

    I decided fairly last minute to go for a Sunday lunch today. Unfortunately a few places we tried, such as the Lansdown, we’re fully booked. So we ended up in the Kings Arms on Whiteladies Road. The roast’s were £11.95 and great value for money. I ordered the lamb, which arrived to me tender and succulent. It came with an abundance of lovely ‘crisp around the edges’ roast potatoes, gorgeous sautéed red cabbage, rich and creamy cauliflower cheese, homemade Yorkshire puddings and a mixture of sautéed leek, onion and carrots. The plate was overflowing and I didn’t know where to start, everything was cooked nicely (not outstanding but proper, tasty pub grub) and I ate every mouthful with a satisfying sigh. The beef that was ordered by my friend was also amazingly tender and cooked well, still pink. The service was brilliant, very friendly and helpful, and their signature ‘Giddy Henry’ cocktail which consisted of gin, chambord, blueberries and cucumber was a perfect starter!

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks Pip – yeah Lansdown get a bit full so always best to book early. So glad that you found Kings Arms and that it was worthwhile. Keep the recommendations coming!

      Bristol Foodie

  14. Jo Reply

    On basis of Dave’s comments we went to the lazy dog today. Was extremely busy and was told food would be an hour. Normally would have gone somewhere else but on the basis that we could get a pork belly roast we went for it.
    An hour later passed…was so worth the wait!! I had the beef and boyf had the pork belly. Plenty of meat and veg…and of course loads of crackling. Boyf words “crackling was worth the wait!”
    Not a place for a quiet family lunch. Place to get bunch of friends and catch up with good food and drink.

  15. JD Reply

    clifton clifton clifton – where other than clifton, I”m sure they gave you plenty of free meals up there but where else for a sunday roast?

    • Becci Reply

      Hi JD,

      It is a bit Clifton heavy at the moment, but we can assure you that none of these meals were received for free!

      We are overdue an update to this post, since then there are a few I would add, that aren’t Clifton, including the Lazy Dog, the Full Moon, the Gallimaufrey, Town House and the Pump House.

      Will update soon, but they are all good in the meantime!

      Bristol Foodie

  16. Andy Reply

    Wasn’t overly impressed with the Lansdown. It was OK, nothing special though, I’m not sure it warrants on the praise!

    Start the Bus do a great roast but they tend to miss out various bits on the menu when they run out during the day which isn’t ideal.

    I’m still very much on the hunt! Would like to see more city centre based options!

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks Andy. We’ve always loved the lansdown but sounds like we might need another visit. Rummer and Elephant are rumoured to have good roasts in centre – on our to try lists!

  17. Ana Reply

    Lazy dog all the way in Ashley Down Road! Since we tried this place we never go anywhere else…cant risk it! :-)

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks for the comment Ana, we’ve heard great things about the lazy dog too!

  18. Natalie Reply

    Hey all. I am a roast dinner freak and for a quiet, friendly cosey country pub with fantastic food try the Wishing Well in Codrington (formally the Codrington Arms). It has an open fire a few different seating areas to choose from and a big garden. It’s lovely there, we’ve been there many times on various occasions and have never had a bad meal.
    For a carvery it has to be the Langley Arms, tucked away in Emerson’s Green. It’s a two minutely from the big park so a lovely morning/ afternoon if you have children, but the locals love it so be sure to book in advance.
    Happy munching ;-)

    • Jessica Reply

      My current fave roast is The Urban Standard on Glos. Road. But pricey & not great for kids but really really delicious, amazingly tender & flavoursome beef, rich gravy, separate cauliflower cheese included….try it!

  19. tommo Reply

    Can’t let the ‘best roast’ miss listing the Blackboy Inn on Whiteladies. Such a cosy place, family run and a beautiful roast. Succulent pink beef, perfect yorkshires, spuds n gravy and just a really warm pace on a cold winters day. I always leave feeling happy.

  20. Andy Reply

    Tried the Elephant and it was pretty good! I find it a bit pricey in there and it’s always a bit atmosphere-less/cold, not really a cosy pub to spend a Sunday afternoon but the roast was lovely!

    Another place I love for a roast is The Priory in Portbury. Just off the Gordano services junction. This is my favourite place for a roast but as it’s a drive away you can’t have that all important pint which is a mega shame. Maybe I’ll move there..

  21. Emily Reply

    The best roasts in Bristol are

    The Lazy Dog- on Ashley down road

    The Star and Dove- Totterdown

    You have to try them!!

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks Emily – both are places on the to-try so we will pay them a visit :-)

      Thanks again for your recommendation

      Bristol Foodie

  22. Ben Reply

    You should request membership to our Facebook group if roasts are your thing!

    • Gemma Reply

      thanks Ben – I’ve requested membership (please approve us!) feedback and opinions from fellow roast lovers is always very welcome!

      Bristol Foodie

  23. Ben Reply

    The Rose of Denmark is the best I have been to so far. Check it out!

    • Gemma Reply

      Yet another place thats sat on the to – try list for a while. Thanks for the recommendation!

      Bristol Foodie

  24. james krywald Reply

    moreish on chandos road is in my top 5 roasts!

    • Gemma Reply

      Had never thought of that one – thanks for the recommend James!

  25. April Reply

    Does anyone know what the Windmill is like for roasts?

  26. Matt Reply

    im sorry but people who say the inn on green does a nice roast have never experienced a nice roast.

  27. Neil Reply

    Trawled all the local haunts in Clifton Village at around 4:30 on Sunday, somewhere for a roast dinner, to find…….no-one serves any food at that time! Whats going on? Is it because of our stupid Sunday trading laws?…….however i can still buy beer and wine and crisps, why cant i buy a toast dinner?

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Neil, not Clifton, but you’ll happy to know not far away. The Hillgrove in Cotham starts serving roast dinners at 4pm – winner! It’s a Dawkins brewery pub (same as Portcullis) and has a similar vibe – go expecting great food but not necessarily a refined dining room atmosphere! Top tip, ring ahead and book your roast over the phone, whilst they don’t start serving til 4pm, they often getsold out on pre prders.

      Happy roasting!

  28. DH Reply

    Nice list but could do with an update. Last time I tried the Lazy Dog it was jam packed and I wasn’t up for waiting around. Can anybody recommend places around Horfield/Henleaze?

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