The best burgers in Bristol

Nothing beats a good quality burger – below are some of the best we’ve found so far…

The Burger Joint
83 Whiteladies Rd
Build your own burger exactly as you like. A great spot for casual dining and a simple concept. Choose your burger, your toppings, your sauce and your side. Portions are generous and the meat is good quality, a refreshing change from the likes of GBK. Read our full review here

The Alma Tavern
18-20 Alma Vale Road, Clifton, Bristol
Burgers at the Alma are consistently amazing. Clearly homemade, meaty succulent and cooked on the rarer side – just how I like it. Served with chutney, cheese and bacon as extras these really are a flavour explosion. Perfect when washed down with a pint of ale or a good glass of wine.

The Bank Tavern
8 John Street, City Centre, Bristol
Tucked away in the centre of Bristol, The Bank is something of a hidden gem. Their chicken burgers are unquestionably the best in Bristol and the regular beef burgers are equally appetising. Best of all they are the most affordable at just £6 including chips. Generous portions, great traditional pub atmosphere. It’s pretty small though so I recommend ringing ahead for larger groups.

Racks Bar & Kitchen
St Pauls Road, Clifton, Bristol
You know the food is good when you take a bite and have to drop your knife and fork to mutter “oh my god – this is good” through a mouthful of food. Which was the reaction to my first Racks burger. 100% beef, tomato and onion relish, oak smoked applewood – big up to this burger, best served with a cold pint whilst sat in Racks beer garden

Atomic Burger
189 Gloucester Road
Definitely out of this world. Huge portions with a crazy number of burger fillings and combinations. Try the Dolly Parton on the Messy Jessie when you go. The onion rings are pretty impressive – as are the milkshakes – watch out for the popping space candy though as that stuff can really fly! Read our full review here.

The Lansdown Pub, Clifton
8 Clifton Road
Our boyfriends both rave about the Lansdown Burger. The fact that they order the burger every time we go to this pub (which is a lot!) is really saying something. Great portions, well cooked, good quality and proper pub chips.

We’re always keen to hear your thoughts and views – if you’ve sampled a better burger anywhere please share your experiences and leave a comment below

7 thoughts on “The best burgers in Bristol

  1. My Little Discoveries Reply

    Hello! I have just discovered your blog, that I find really great!!!
    I am French and I have been living in Bristol for almost 5 years now.
    Have you tried the Burger Joint on Cotham Hill? Their burgers are just perfect! ;o)
    You can find a review on my blog (you will have to translate the page though, sorry!) in the “Where to eat in Bristol” category. Have a good week ;o)

    • Gemma Reply

      thanks for the comment – I havent yet tried there but you are not the first person to recommend their burgers – definitely one to try soon!

  2. Lody hassan Reply

    Hello Gemma,
    I totally agree with My little discoveries.. The burger joint is the most delicious burger I have ever had..I live in London and trust me I can not wait to go back to Bristol and try their Yummy burger.. trust me try it and you will never regret :)

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks Lody – Burger Joint now added, we’ve eaten there a couple of times over the past few months and have never been disappointed.

      Bristol Foodie

  3. Michael Reply

    Filton avenue has just had an amazing burger restaurant called the ‘ burger lounge’ open. It’s the best burger I have found in bristol and I go through 2 a week for 1 1/2 years now. Lot of gym to balance. The beef they use is just so good, it taste like mince fillet steak.

    Great selection of styles to match any taste. Fries are delicious but the onion rings are just mouth watering!

  4. Ana B. Reply

    I lived in Bristol 3 years ago and I have to say that the best burguer I tried was in The Commercial Rooms, Corn Street :)

    • Gemma Reply

      The weatherspoons?! Each to their own!

      Thanks for the comment
      Bristol Foodie

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