Spicer and Cole review

Updated October 2013 – Spicer and Cole have now also opened a cafe in Clifton Village in the premesis previously occupied by Cafe Gusto. 


This review is long overdue. The cafe caused something of a stir when they opened last year to a rave review from Mark Taylor, and have since become a firm favourite of mine.

Simple but welcoming, Spicer and Cole sits just off Welshback and Queen Square. Decor is un-fussy, natural wood tables, big windows letting in lots of light, and a well stocked food counter.


At lunchtimes you’ll find them teaming with customers looking to sit in and take out – from business people to ladies that lunch. Spicer and Cole has that laid back vibe which appeals to all.

Coffee here is excellent and supplied by local roaster Extract. Their cappuccino has given my afternoon the boost it needs on multiple occasions. Tea is also local, supplied by Lahloo.

The menu is scrawled on a large blackboard behind the food counter, giving Spicer and Cole the flexibility of frequent menu changes.

The food counter is bursting with delicious lunchtime treats. From freshly made flatbreads and sandwiches to quiche, spanish tortilla and bowls of brightly coloured, inviting salads. All of this is before you even get to the cakes – slabs of flapjacks and other treats which make the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

I’ve eaten the “savory plate” a few times, a slice of tart / tortilla served with salad. It’s a great portion for lunchtime and at less that £6 is good value. The salads are crunchy, vibrant and flavoursome. The tortilla, firm, tasty and well cooked.


I’ve also eaten the soup here as well. Leek and potato (one of my favourites). A filling and wholly satisfying lunch served with fresh bread.

Like the cafe itself, I’ve kept this review simple, uncomplicated and overwhelmingly positive. A lunchtime favourite and one to check out.

Spicer and Cole
1 Queen Square Avenue Bristol BS1 4JA
tel: 0117 922 0513
web: spicerandcole.co.uk/
twitter: @spicerandcole

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