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Updated July 2014 – MyBurrito quickly became one of our favourite lunchtime spots. Fast food, cooked well and some great value lunch deals. I like the causal and laid back vibe when you sit in, as well the flexibility of being able to take out so you can eat on the go.

Being a huge fan of mexican food and massively deprived of it in Bristol I was overjoyed to see the second burrito place this year open in the centre of town. MyBurrito is a bright funky and fun diner situated just opposite the Hippodrome on the other side of the fountains.

I think the thing that really sets MyBurrito is the freshness and quality of their food. The burritos come in beef, pork, chicken or vegetarian – having tried all of them I can say with confidence that they are all amazing – the highlight for me was probably pork though. What makes it even better is the fact that meat is sourced from a loacl butcher. Nachos are available as a snide or snack with homemade guacamole and salsas made according to recipes devised by owners Graham and Esmerelda.

Owner Graham has turned his hand to Mexican street food after working in France as a chef for a year. When we met it was clear he had a real passion for food and that for him, MyBurrito is a quest for perfection, as we snacked on nachos he comments “hmm it’s not quite right that salsa” and explains how it tastes when he makes it at home (to me it tasted bloody amazing but I guess that shows how much I know!!)

They’re really trying to meet every possible market here. Open early in the morning for coffee and churros (like a deep fried donut served with melted chocolate). Pop in for lunch, either to sit in with a nice cold Mexican beer or to takeaway for lunch on the go. An early evening snack washed down with a margarita – the perfect way to start an evening, or a late night bite as you head home from a night out – open until 2am on the weekends it certainly beats a kebab on the way home! With loyalty cards, discount vouchers and a delivery service – MyBurrito are clearly business savvy as well as able to provide beautiful food.

I really want MyBurrito to become something of a Bristol institution and to make a real success. They’re ticking all the boxes and seem to be getting everything right – I look forward to becoming a regular customer.

My Burrito
7 Broad Quay, Bristol
0117 929 7239
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7 thoughts on “MyBurrito review

  1. Meg Reply

    I can vouch for not only the “after work/early evening snack” potential of MyBurrito, but would 100% recommend it for the “on the way home from the pub” snack…a million times better than any pizza, kebab or bag of chips you can pick up on the centre.
    And agreed, the passion for food is evident with Graham and Esmerelda…proper foodies-love it!

  2. Tom Glason Reply

    Agree, this place is amazing! I pop in for lunch and love the fact that they smoke their own meat on-site. The beef is superb! Highly recommended!

    • Gemma Reply

      I know – a Friday lunchtime favourite of ours. The burritos really are amazing – they’re a great post pub alternative as well!! ;-)

  3. Will Reply

    I loved it so much on my first taste that I went back for seconds straight away!

  4. Dekks Reply

    Went there last night and got two small burritos, they were definitely tasty but not authentic in the least, if you are a fan of proper mexican food and burritos in particular, you will be very disappointed, if you go in not expecting the Burritos to taste at all like proper mexican food then you’ll probably be pleased enough.

    Alas for the time being its back to making my own and buying Old El Paso, which is the closest I can get to having proper mexican food in Bristol (How sad is that??).

  5. Dekks Reply

    (I should add that I lived in the U.S for many years and so was spoiled by the abundance of proper authentic mexican food, thanks to living near a large Hispanic community, if you’ve never had the proper stuff then chances are you won’t know any better and love it).

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Dekks,

      Thank you so much for the comment, Having not been to Mexico I cant comment on true authenticity – sounds like you were thoroughly spoiled with foodie delights in the US!. The Burritos compared with everything else in Bristol are definitely one of the best that I’ve had though.

      I agree that we seem to have a huge gap in the market for quality mexican restaurants here (a shame as its my favourite sort of food!) I know that theres Casa Mexicana on Zetland Road but haven’t eaten there yet so couldnt comment on how good they are.

      Please keep us posted if you come across any really good mexicans in Bristol or surrounding area (I for one would be dying to try them!)

      thanks! Gemma

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