Al Bab Mansour review: Mini prices, monumental quality

Saturday saw me finally get around to trying out a Moroccan eaterie recommended time and time again by friends; Al Bab Mansour, situated in the Glass Arcade of St Nick’s Market, Bristol.

After traipsing around the market trying to do a spot of early Christmas shopping and still damp from my walk into town, I was starving and overjoyed to be welcomed into the warm and colourful dining room of Al Bab Mansour.

As we sank into the seats, surrounded by exotically coloured soft furnishings, lamps and ornaments, we could have been transported into a tucked away restaurant in central Marrakech.

The lamb meatballs, served with steamed veg and rice were bursting with flavour and had all the fruity undertones I love about Moroccan food. The chicken, baked in a lemony sauce simply fell apart in your mouth as you ate it and was heavenly.

The kitchen of Al Bab Mansour’s is by no means concealed so the fruity aromas of Moroccan cuisine fill the food hall of St Nicholas’ Market making it an extremely popular lunchtime spot and sought after by shoppers and tourists alike.

Unfortunately this means tables were few and far between and we were lucky to bag a seat inside, rather than the undercover “outside” tables. With only one waiter serving and one person in the kitchen, silver service is not to be expected however food was cooked to order and served quickly. This quirky, cosy retreat boasts food of great quality and fantastic flavour at extremely reasonable prices (a meal for 2 including drinks came to just £14!!)

Verdict: Far from the “blah” lunchtime solutions usually on offer from a days shopping, it was wonderfully refreshing to dine somewhere so vibrant and flavoursome – an ideal lunchtime stop off and highly recommended.


Al Bab Mansour
23-27 Glass Arcade, St. Nicholas Markets, Bristol, BS1 1LJ
07979 976 113

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