Mayflower Chinese – restaurant review

Mayflower 3A-5 Haymarket Walk, The Haymarket, Bristol BS1 3LN
0117 925 0555

I’ve heard whispered praise for Mayflower for months – maybe years. The Chinese restaurant tucked away under the bear pit (at the bottom of the Premier Inn)

Forget chicken chow mein and the traditional dishes from Chinese takeaways, (although the old favourites are available). Mayflower is a an opportunity to sample real Chinese cuisine. The menu is in English and Chinese and the staff are on hand to make recommendations and help you decide. My most recent visit was with a friend who is both gluten and dairy intolerant however in spite of us not booking in advance, Mayflower were able to cater to his dietary requirements without complaint.

Don’t be deceived by the simple looking decor and the lack of bells and whistles on the front of the restaurant. With these guys its all about the food. Food is served until 3am so its great for late night dining. I’ve enjoyed numerous visits over the past few months and each time have been impressed with the quality of food and service.

Some dishes we think you should try…

Salt and chilli pepper squid. Fried in cornflour with a spicy chilli salt. This tastes amazing and is a great dish to share

The Mayflower Squid Chinese

Beef in black pepper sauce. Fillet of beef cooked in a rich sauce with a fiery peppery seasoning. It tastes fantastic and is now a firm favourite

Three roasties: Pork and duck roasted. It’s simple but boy it’s good!

Hot Pot: these aren’t to everyone’s tastes,it’s worth getting a recommendation before ordering one but we love them especially ones with tofu.

Szechuan Chicken – served at room temperature with noodles in a spicy Szechuan sauce. A wonderful dish, we’ve ordered it again and again. a word of warning though, the chicken isn’t jointed in a way you may be used to so expect lots of smaller bones.

When we judged the Bristol Good Food Awards recently there was no question that first place belonged to Mayflower. Truly excellent and very enjoyable, they’ve quickly become one of my favourite restaurants in Bristol.

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