Matina, Middle Eastern food, St Nicholas Market – review

A new food stall in the food hall of St Nick’s market always creates something of a stir amongst the BS1 community. Which meant a sandwich board advertising Matina’s middle eastern fare with home made kurdish naan breads immediately caught my attention.

Right at the end of the glass arcade, Matina could be easily missed – although its certainly worth checking out. The menu is simple, a choice of lamb, chicken or halloumi skewers, served either as a salad with naan on the side or as a wrap within the naan itself.

Matina has really captured the theatre of street food. The skewers are cooked on the grill in front of you and customers can watch the naan breads as they are made by hand, stretched and baked before your eyes. You don’t get much fresher than that!

The food tastes as good as it smells. The lamb is packed with flavour and extremely tender. The salads are generous in portion, and add an interesting array of textures and colours; sweet, crunchy, the tang of pickle, the heat of spice.

The naan breads are soft, light and well flavoured. They aren’t overly doughy or stodgy but a wonderful accompaniment to the salad. Portions are generous and at £4.50 a meal it’s good value too!

The downers. It’s not a totally unique concept. Eatapitta do similar salad boxes with falafel and the real olive company also do lamb and chicken koftas. But the homemade naans are something completely different and this rather humble looking food stall has definitely impressed me. The waiting times are a little long for St Nick’s and the process seems, somewhat chaotic. But the food is worth waiting for and these things definitely won’t stop me returning.

A welcome addition to St Nicholas Market’s food hall. One to check out.

2 thoughts on “Matina, Middle Eastern food, St Nicholas Market – review

  1. Walid Reply

    Great to read such kind words!

    Here’s a link to our new Facebook page, would be great if you could check us out :-)

  2. mynameishenry Reply

    No Gemma, “not a totally unique concept”.

    Looking back, I dunno, to the birth of civilisation and I reckon you might find a reference or two to something similar.

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