Last month I ate… August round up

A bit late this month, but better late than never.

Didn’t feel much like an August last month did it? More like an October. Which might explain why my home cooking seemed full of comfort food.  So, last month I ate…
Small but perfectly formed plates at the Galli. I love the Gallimaufry on Gloucester Road. For me, the ambience is just right. Laid back and casual but serving high quality food and drinks. It was the perfect location for a Foodie girls night out. Highlights for me were the curried roast cauliflower, the rainbow trout and the Salt hake with croquettes – delicious!

 Roast chicken – with bread sauce. I flipping love bread sauce. I know not everyone does (although those who don’t have this as a roast chicken staple are seriously missing out). Crispy roast potatoes, creamy bread sauce, and a chicken from T& PA Murray’s free range butcher and deli on Gloucester Road.

Peas! Inspired by an article in last month’s crumbs mag (love this magazine) about the many benefits of the humble garden pea, I strayed from the frozen staple and treated myself to fresh garden peas. The foodie baby loves peas – frozen or fresh so they are a regular feature in our household. (although watching him eat them one by one can sometimes feel like an eternity). These ones were organic from Radford Farm Shop on Picton Street – yum!

Italian ingredients from C&T Licata in Montpelier. For authentic Italian ingredients, you simply can’t beat these guys who are importers as well as a deli. I’ve long been a fan of their Napoli sausages, Sangiovese wine and homemade tiramisu, but last month I discovered their tinned cherry tomatoes. These are sweeter and tastier than your regular tinned tomatoes and can really transform a dish (butter tomato sauce being a great example). In the supermarkets tinned cherry tomatoes are quite pricey but a bargain at only 55p a tin from this Montpelier gem.

A grown up breakfast-date. We palmed the foodie babe off on his godparents one Saturday morning and hit the pavement of Gloucester Road. We found ourselves in Zazu’s Kitchen. The freshly squeezed OJ was wonderfully refreshing and the boyf enjoyed his bacon steak and eggs.  I can vouch for the pancakes, served with maple syrup, buttermilk and seasonal fruits. I loved them (but you could have been a bit more generous with the berries guys…) Most of all I loved being able to sit outside having a grown up conversation and indulge in some people watching.

Pie, chips and peas. The perfect solution for those occasional (more often than I’m admitting to) days when I can’t be bothered to cook. Last month we treated ourselves to chicken and mushroom pies from Murrays on Gloucester Road and stashed them in the freezer for an easy tea. A slightly hungover Sunday was the perfect opportunity to enjoy them. Tasty comfort food – zero hassle.

Peanut butter and jam jewels. I’ve wanted to try this recipe for ages after spotting it in Nigella’s How to be a domestic goddess. (When it comes to home cooked no fuss sweet treats she is one of my faves). It was the first time we baked with the foodie baby, letting him pour in ingredients and help with the mixer. The end result was soft jammy cookies which, when paired with a cup of coffee, made a cracking combination.

Butter tomato sauce. I personally find tomato sauces a bit tricky, easy in principle but get it wrong and the result is a watery and bland nothing. This is probably the easiest tomato pasta sauce recipe I know. It’s from the Classic Pasta recipe book. Not particularly trendy – no celeb chefs here, but the recipes are reliably simple and delicious. Butter, onion halves, tomatoes, seasoning – cooked until it separates. Done. The result is a simple tomato sauce which is great as it is or can be used as a base for more complex dishes.

Wiff waff. The ping pong cafe on Baldwin street. In hindsight it probably wasn’t the best location for a team meeting – the ping pong balls bouncing across the room were somewhat distracting. But the coffee and cakes were tasty and the Hobs House doorstop sarnies on offer were phenomenal.

Three brothers. Purveyors of fine burgers from The Spyglass on Welshback. Their five pound lunchtime deal is an absolute steal. Succulent and tasty burgers, a good selection of toppings served with salty crispy French fries. What’s not to like?
I rediscovered my love for Royce Rolls in St Nicks Market. This vegetarian and vegan cafe is an awesomely tasty and affordable lunchtime solution. My personal favourite is the spiced spinach and chickpea pie, with the nut flan a close second. At less than £3 a slice it’s good value and really filling.

Yoghurt raisins. A huge hit in our household, where they are loved by foodie baby and parents in equal measure. I buy mine from Royce Rolls in St Nicks or from CT Licata on Picton Street. To quote my 1year old, “num num!”

A beer garden lunch in the Cambridge arms. I’ve been meaning to try the Cambridge in Redland for ageeees. If I’d have realised how lush their beer garden was I would have probably paid them a visit much sooner. Exciting pathways weaving through bushes and trees make it great for children to explore whilst mums and dads enjoy the outside. Inside, the pub is roomy and nicely decorated and the food is pretty good too. Our ham egg and chips, salad, nachos and fish finger sarnies, whilst a little pricey, were enjoyed with no complaints.

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