Chocolate Wine – you what?!

So a couple of weeks ago I got an email from our good friend Alan from Clifton Cellars saying that they had recently had some chocolate wine in and that it was flying off the shelves.

Now whilst chocolate and wine may be two of my very favourite things, the idea of combining them didn’t won me over straight away – in fact, I was pretty suspicious.

I’m pleased to say though that whilst it’s an odd concept the flavour is really good! It’s not overly sweet however is rich and chocolatey whilst still maintaining the undertones of the tempranillo grape. I’m not saying that you’d glug glass after glass, definitely more of a sipping drink, but as an after dinner treat it really worked!

We liked it so much that we went and bought another five bottles to share with friends and family over Christmas! So there you have it, Rubis chocolate wine may sound odd, but it’s interesting and delicious (plus could make a good last minute Christmas present for those who have left it to the last minute!)


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Wine – you what?!

  1. John Reply

    Many thanks for our bottle of Rubis Gemma & Sam, tastes just like a liquid rich cherry chocolaty flavour from a good black forest gateaux – FAB-U-LUS

    • Gemma Reply

      Our pleasure! Glad you enjoyed!

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