Baldwins Café review

My foodie adventures often lead me to exciting and luxurious restaurants, delis and cafes – but sometimes you just want to go back to basics

And that’s exactly what Baldwins is, a simple café and sandwich shop offering full English breakfasts, bacon butties lunchtime sarnies and jacket potatoes all at bargain prices.

For those looking for a more exotic sandwich this is not the place for you (try café revival or dare I say it Phil Potts) But for those looking for a more traditional and simple sandwich filling – ham and cheese, tuna mayo, coronation chicken – this is the place for you.

Prices are incredibly reasonable – a well filled coronation chicken baguette (my personal favourite) will set you back just £2.20. The helpings are generous, the food is tasty and the staff are friendly, albeit a little slow. The breakfast set up I like – a 3, 5 or 7 piece breakfast prices are all under £5 – bargain!

Granted the chicken here probably isn’t free range, the sausages and bacon are probably not premium quality and the cheese on offer is just normal cheese – but you know what that doesn’t matter. Because Baldwins isn’t about being a fancy gourmet free range organic café. It’s a simple sandwich shop serving cheap breakfasts and a cuppa, a lunchtime sarnie or a jacket potato – and they do that very well.

Needless to say, Baldwins have fast become one of my preferred lunchtime destinations – worth a visit for city centre workers who are busy and just want a sandwich.

Baldwin’s Café
Baldwin Street, Bristol, BS1 1SA
T: 0117 922 5293

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