Thai Phoon Pan-Asian deli & kitchen review

Update: It was a sad day when Thaiphoon closed in 2011. However the same people also run the Thai Kitchen in The Old Fish Market and a fantastic Thai sandwich shop and noodle bar on Baldwin Street called Bao Wow for Bristolians in need of a Thai lunchtime fix.

Bristol also has lots of great Chinese and Pan-Asian supermarkets and delis across the city – so you can still buy these yummy ingredients for home cooking. Our favourites include Wai Yee Hong in Eastville (by Ikea), Wah Yan Hong in the Centre (by the Hippodrome) and Kin Yip Hong just off Victoria Street. 

We’ve left this review up mainly for sentimental and nostalgic purposes. Goodbye Thaiphoon – you were good while you lasted! 

At last! A Pan-Asian deli has graced Clifton, supplying all of the high quality ingredients needed for cooking rustic Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine from the comfort of your own home!

Having walked past Thaiphoon a couple of times, I ventured inside last week when on the hunt for cooking related Christmas presents for friends and family. The shop itself is small however light and airy which stops it feeling over crowded. I was amazed at the plethora of cooking opportunities surrounding me now that I had all of the ingredients required to make the dishes which I so often order from takeaways and restaurants! Sushi rice, seaweed, plum sauce, pickled ginger, dumplings and a host of Chinese snacks and ingredients which I had never even heard of!

The deli counter is stocked with freshly made sushi (which I was delighted to learn is made on site by the owner each day) as well as a selection of Thai curries and dishes which can be taken away hot/cold or heated and eaten within the seating area at the back of the deli. At only £3.50 each including rice, this really is a bargain and the food is exceptionally high quality. I went for the Thai green chicken curry which tasted wonderfully fresh and had a real kick to it. This small and understated deli really blows supermarket bought ready–made curries and sauces out of the water and at such a bargain price I will definitely be buying the dishes sold here to heat up home as well as the ingredients to make it myself.

There are whispers of a dim sum kitchen to be opening in the back of the deli, and the assistant I spoke with told me they are soon to be selling a wider range of traditional cooking equipment.

Verdict: Thaiphoon has definitely captured my attention and I look forward to becoming a regular customer.

12 Kings Road, 
Clifton, Bristol

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