Wet weather eats

A few sunny days then back to the wet. British summer is officially the world’s biggest tease.

That said, the grey days have given me plenty of opportunity to gorge on comfort food to lift my spirits whilst waiting for warmer days.

Sri Lankan food from The Local’s Cookbook
Bristol based Jon Lewin sent me a copy of The Locals Cookbook and it’s become one of my go-to recipe books over the past couple of months.

The curries are coconut milk based so are fairly light & cook quickly – perfect for mid week. The hit of chilli is a great pick me up. Favourites so far have to be the beetroot curry. Delicious.

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Brunch and cake from Aron’s Jewish Delicatessen

I loved my visit to Aron’s Deli on Chandos Road. White walls, soft jazz music, big artwork. The perfect spot for this in search of coffee and a spot of quiet reflection. The cinnamon and apple cake I tried was fabulous. I can’t wait to go back and sample their brunch menu in all its glory.

A romantic dinner at the Runcible Spoon
God I love these guys. Not only is brunch and Sunday lunch amazing, but the evening menu is pretty special too. We opted for hake with cauliflower and duck breast. Beautifully cooked and served in an informal yet intimate atmosphere. So worth a try.

Hake with roasted cauli at Runcible Spoon. Divine. #foodmemories

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Boiled or steamed – meh. But roasted cauli has been one of my favourite side dishes in recent months. Probably inspired by the beautiful dish I had at The Runcible Spoon (above). My most recent success was roasted cauliflower and caraway salad with apple and red onions from Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook. Delicious.  



We’ve started baking with the foodie babe and these little treasures are perfect. 10-15 minutes prep (even with a two year old) and a short baking time. My recipe is from my failsafe student cookbook, Nosh for Students. but there are tons of recipes online. Enjoy.

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Perusing the wares of Love Food Festival

We headed to the paintworks on Valentines day to have a wander around Love Food Fest. So many delicious local vendors, and a great selection of crafts for children and young families. Leo loved making mandala patterns with lentils and beans.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Night Market on 3rd June and Make Sunday Special events throughout the summer.

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Thai curry from Bao Wow

Bao wow on Baldwin Street is one of my faves. At £5.50 its a bargain too. My favourite is the thai green chicken curry or, on days when I’m feeling in need of pure comfort without the spice, teriyaki chicken.


Burgers from Meat Liquor

The Bristol branch of uber-cool burger chain Meat Liquor caused something of a buzz in Bristol’s food blogosphere when it first opened. And it is undeniably cool. Graffiti scrawled over the walls with just enough light to see what you’re doing.

It reminds me of the dive bars I visited in Colorado (in a good way!) The menu options are entertaining with names like “the dead hippie” and “satan fingers” and the food is great. In fact we both agreed that it was one of the best burgers we’ve eaten it years. Downsides? I’m simply not cool enough to eat in the dark these days and by the time you’ve ordered sides it’s pretty pricey.

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Roast dinner at Bocabar.

I really love Bocabar, turns out that in addition to great pizzas their roast dinners are pretty fine too. A family friendly, relaxed atmosphere with tasty food.

Coffee and cake at IKEA

I am unashamed of my love for IKEA and the IKEA cafe. It’s a great spot for parents needing to get out on a rainy day. A nice little play area with breakfast bar and stools around the outside for adults to sit and enjoy coffee whilst keeping an eye on the kids. As a total coffee snob, I was pleasantly surprised with the filter coffee, the cakes and pastries are a steal and if you have an IKEA family card your coffee is free too.

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