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This review has been somewhat overdue as I’ve been a pretty loyal customer of Ray’s Pizza, the pop up in The Crofters Rights, for some time now. Sadly  there are no pictures of the pizzas in this review as in our house they get wolfed down before I have chance to take out my camera.


We live just around the corner and since the arrival of the Bristol Foodie baby, these guys have become our go-to place for takeout pizza when we a)fancy a treat b)are too exhausted to cook or c)realise that the only food in the cupboard is puréed baby food. The pizza’s are, if you haven’t guessed it good, damn good when you consider that Ray’s is a pop up and therefore doesn’t use a wood fired pizza oven.

The bases are thin and crispy with a good char on the bottom. The sauce is well cooked and flavoured and the toppings are authentically Italian with a selection of tasty morsels sparsely scattered across the pizza which enhance rather than detract from the flavour of the base, sauce and buffalo mozzarella. (the pizza loving boyfriend has an issue with topping heavy, overloaded pizzas so this is important!)

You can get one of Ray’s scrummy pizzas from The Crofters Rights for as little as £7.00 for a margarita (the marinera is £6.00 but there’s no mozzarella) and can enjoy them in the bar or can take away.

Ray’s also serve pizzas in The Lanes in Bristol’s City Centre. prices are a little more expensive but the pizzas are just as good which in our opinion makes it worth it.

So there you have it, a “no messing” review about some damn good pizzas on my doorstep. Great quality, great prices and worth checking out.


Crofter’s Rights on Cheltenham Road, Stokes Croft
The Lanes on Nelson Street, City Centre
Follow @RaysPizzasUK on twitter
0117 3251982

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