Lona Grill and Juice Bar review

We stopped for lunch at Lona’s Grill House and Juice Bar a couple of Saturdays ago – drawn in by the rather extravagant looking exterior and the promise of authentic lebanese cuisine.

The restaurant, is large – very large. There’s an open grill along the wall at the side with the meat and fish on display so you food is cooked before you eyes.

Lona Grill

The centre piece of the restaurant is an exotic looking juice bar. Bursting with colour and adorned with fresh fruit this is really something special.

The juices are a big feature for Lona as the restaurant serves no alcohol. This combined with the kids area in the far corner of the restaurant, means that its a great place for families and we were pleased to see several other families with young children also dining there.

Lona Juice

Both Sam and I were very impressed with our drinks. My Green Machine (apple and kiwi) was refreshingly crisp, Sam’s Mango Yummy (mango, papaya and banana) was sweet, creamy and exotic.

Lona Juice

As it was a lunchtime we decided to go for a mix of mezze dishes rather than something from the grill (although I’m saving that for next time).

We had the Lona mixed mezze, a selection of cold dishes and also ordered the lamb arayes – a mini grilled calzone, stuffed with spicy lamb mince and the soujouk (sausage) with grilled halloumi.

Lona Mezze

The food, when it arrived, tasted brilliant. Rich, smoky flavours went hand in hand with the creamy dips and well spiced ingredients. Particular highlights for me included the halloumi – beautifully cooked and lots of flavour without being rubbery, the baba ganoush and the rich flavours from the lamb arayes.

Lona Lamb

This was served with homemade naan bread – these were huge in size but light and airy and were wolfed down.

Lona Naan

The thing I love most about mezze style eating is the social element. Everyone getting stuck in, tearing bread, double dipping sharing food and conversation. Lona is a restaurant which embodies these family values perfectly whilst serving great food and drinks. A refreshing take on family dining and well worth a visit.

Lona Outside

Lona Grillhouse
281-283 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol, BS7 8NY
0117 942 6100
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3 thoughts on “Lona Grill and Juice Bar review

  1. Piar Miah Reply

    There is nothing Lebanese about this restaurant. They just taken grilled kebabes served in most cities of the UK, and the Bristol people whom know nothing about food other than steak and chips think its lebanese

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks Piar, thanks for your other comment on our post too. I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat chips when I went to Lona. I didn’t eat steak either – so I don’t really understand this comment. If you have any recommendations for more authentic Lebanese cuisine in Bristol – or any authentic Lebanese recipes which you would like to share so we can all benefit – that would be great.

      Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment.
      Gemma BF xx

  2. Niva Reply

    My husband and I ate at Lona after seeing this article and it is amazing. We went three nights in a row! I lived in the Middle East for six months a couple of years ago and this is the best Middle Eastern food I have found in the UK (London or Bristol) since coming back.

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