How you can support Bristol’s food producers

Steph Wetherell of Bristol Food Producers talks to us about their latest crowdfunding campaign. Donate online here

Bristol food producers crowdfunder

Who are Bristol Food Producers?

Bristol Food Producers is a network of local farmers and producers, retailers, distributors, restaurants and local food lovers. We are working together to increase local food production in and around the city and try and create a sustainable and resilient food future for the city. Everyone can join – we have a membership category for local food supporters, for those who maybe aren’t directly involved in the food chain but want to help support the growth of local food production.

Why is this important to Bristol (and man and womankind?)

Small scale producers face a huge number of obstacles; difficulty in accessing and securing land, competing in a market dominated by artificially cheap supermarket food, distribution and packaging costs… It can be really difficult to make a viable livelihood and even harder for new producers to get started and secure routes to market.

We are working to try to change this. We’re helping people find land in and around the city, bringing together people at all stages of the supply chain to help provide routes to market, providing training and skill-building in areas like marketing and enterprise skills, encouraging collaborating between producers, and much more.

We believe increasing local food production is key to providing a sustainable and resilient food future for Bristol, both in terms of delicious healthy and fresh food, but also a strong community and economy.

What are you crowdfunding for?

Over the next year we’re going to be running regular networking events, producing a series of short films about local producers, hosting a land-linking event, running masterclasses to help train and upskill members, creating an online forum to encourage collaboration between producers, and generally raising the profile of local food production whenever we can.

How can I donate?

You can go to – we have great rewards from farm tours to memberships for local food supporters and producers. But be quick – the crowdfunder ends at 7am Saturday morning!

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