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The title of this post makes me giggle when I say it aloud. Because it rhymes. But it is what it is, so lets giggle about the poetics and move on.

Deliveroo has been on my radar for some time, I’ve had a couple of leaflets through the door and noticed the funky branding. Mainly, I’ve seen their delivery squad on bikes pedalling like mad up Cotham Brow (good work guys).

I was, however, somewhat hesitant to try them. I’ve sampled ‘similar services’ in the past and been left underwhelmed with meagre choice and expensive delivery charges.

At a recent foodie networking event, I was persuaded to give them a go and, I was more than just pleasantly surprised. I was impressed. So impressed that it warrants a review!

Deliveroo Quote

First off, the customer experience is fantastic. I did the whole thing on my iphone whilst bathing the Foodie babe. It was that easy. No painful loading times, easy to find restaurants, look at menus and then order and track your delivery. Bish bash bosh done.

After ordering, the stages were clearly laid out: Accepted, prepared, en route, arrived, delivered with an estimated delivery time clearly at the bottom of the screen. I checked my order status and could easily see what stage it was at.

Deliveroo Status

The timings were pretty accurate too with my order arriving at 19:26, just two minutes over my estimate – not bad.

It was great to see a decent sample of local and independent restaurants available, in addition to some of the expected chains and takeaways. People like Leafy Green, Bagel Boy, Krishnas Inn and Noa all make an appearance. We opted for Giggling Squid in Clifton.

Since becoming a parent there are loads of new places which have opened and that I’d love to try – but its hard to find the time. Babysitters are like gold dust and whilst eating out with my toddler in tow is fun, it’s not for every setting.

I’m not knocking traditional takeaways, I love a curry or chinese (or thali or pitta) as much as anyone. But its not always what I fancy. A service like Deliveroo gives me access to restaurants which I couldn’t otherwise try and opens up my options for those evenings when the Foodie babe is finally asleep and I simply can’t be bothered to cook.

Granted, its not the same as eating out. It’s not a restaurant experience – particularly when you are hungry, knackered, and eat it straight out of the box. It would be nice to see the restaurants offer a bit more of a discount on their takeout prices. But, it is quality restaurant food, ordered and delivered with seamless convenience.

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3 thoughts on “Deliveroo review

  1. typocorrector Reply

    nice review! screenshots welcome.
    One thing: “pedalling” (bicycle) not “peddling” (selling wares)

    • Gemma Reply

      Glad you liked it – and thanks for the typo correct too – doh!
      Gemma x

  2. VPS server Reply

    The downside is that Deliveroo has so far geared itself towards the effete metropolitan elites or, to put it more fairly, the app generally only supports delivery within city centers.

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