Bosco Pizzeria review

Regular readers of this blog will know that my boyfriend is probably the biggest pizza fan in Bristol. More than a fan I’d go so far to call him something of a connoisseur.

So it’s no surprise that we’ve been enjoying the delights of Bosco, an upmarket pizzeria on Whiteladies. Their website says they are inspired by the pizzas of Naples and New York City, and I have to say Bosco combines family dining and New York style, really very well.

The restaurant is large with a mix of marble and wooden tables, an open kitchen with a huge wood fired oven. A row of high stools and kitchen-side bar offers a unique dining experience where diners can watch food being cooked and prepared in additional to the more traditional restaurant tables.

I love going out for pizza as a family, and Bosco was wonderfully accommodating and very family friendly. Every time I’ve been, we’ve been one of several tables with children or babies. Leo’s appetite is not yet vast enough to chow down his own pizza so for now he’s happy to eat slices of pizza from mummy’s plate (good luck wrestling them from Daddy!)

The menu is simple, a selection of pizzas and a handful of other dishes, all cooked in the wood fire oven. This means Bosco is a good choice for gluten free diners who can enjoy food cooked in a wood oven without having to compromise on flavour or quality.

The pizzas are good, flavoursome dough, nicely charred and a good selection of toppings. They are perhaps, a little on the expensive side, but not by much. Most importantly, they taste great.

For smaller diners there are children’s pizzas available, colouring sheets and pencils for older children and the open kitchen and wood fired oven provides lots to look at to entertain even the smallest of babies.

I’ve only sampled one of the desserts so far, Italian donuts with lemon curd and italian custard. The curd and custard were amazing, the donuts a little plain and oily for my liking. In hindsight it was perhaps not the best selection as both the wood oven roasted seasonal fruits served with amaertto and also the speciality italian cheeses sound amazing. Still, there’s always next time.

Bosco is definitely more on the “posh pizza” end of the scale but friendly and unstuffy. The simple menus mean Bosco chefs can and do, spend time creating wonderful food for the whole family to enjoy – true Italian family values.
96 Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2QX
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