Best Breakfasts in Bristol

Everyone knows that finding a good breakfast is a big deal and in Bristol there are hundreds of places to choose from for that early morning meal. This post is a sample of some of our top breakfast picks. The selectionis by no means definitive. If you think we have missed somewhere out, please leave a comment and we will try it and let you know our thoughts!

No. 12 Easton
12 High St, Easton

No. 12 has fast become a firm favourite and a regular weekend haunt for us. I (Becci) am incapable of ignoring the freshly made waffles with bacon and maple syrup, while the No.12 bacon sarnie has the same affect on my other half. The coffee is Extract (natch), the vibe is chilled and the perfect place to cure your Plough hangover!

Hart’s Bakery
Arch 35 Lower Approach Rd, Temple Meads 

A full review of Hart’s is LONG overdue and on its way soon. Basically if you haven’t been yet, stop what you are doing and go there NOW. You will never catch a train without popping in again. Breakfast options range from homemade pastries (almond croissant and seasonal fruit pastries are a particular favourite), cinnamon buns and what they describe as bacon and egg, which is basically bread soaked in egg in a muffin wrapped in bacon, buff said really. Again the coffee is Extract and they know how to make a damn good coffee. GO.

Bakers & co.
193 Gloucester Rd 
Another long overdue review. Bakers & Co was always going to be good, it has Kieren and Imogen from Bravas behind it, but I hadn’t realised quite how good it was going to be. Inspired by the bakeries of San Fransisco, I defy you not to order the custard toast, yes that is toast soaked in custard fried and served with bacon. Fresh green juices are tempered with delightful coffee and a brunch range that gives New Zealand a run for its money.


Katie & Kim’s Kitchen
41 Picton St, Montpelier

Park yourself at the ginormous table or sit in the courtyard and enjoy being waited on by Katie and Kim. Cheese scones, poached eggs, muffins and a selection of other breakfast treats await. You’re guaranteed a laugh or two, too.

Wallfish Bistro
112 Princess Victoria St, Clifton

After drooling over Dan from Essex Eating’s photos of his weekly pilgrimage to Wallfish for a Sunday breakfast this had to be down. I went for The Wallfish Breakfast, which is a beast and comes with their own homemade beans and ALL the trimmings. The poached eggs also looked awesome, as did the smashed avocado. I haven’t been back yet but it’s only a matter of time.


Souk Kitchen
Apsley Rd, Clifton
f you like your breakfasts spicy this is the place for you. A firm favourite is the shakshuka – eggs poached in a rich tomato and pepper base – we can’t resist adding extra merguez sausages to! Other options include Souk eggs and a more traditional fry up. The space is bright and airy, the price is good and the mint tea is delicious!

The Bristolian Cafe
2 Picton Street, Montpelier, Bristol
A bright and friendly cafe on Picton Street which serves up a mean breakfast. For £7.50 The Bristolian breakfast includes free range bacon, egg sausage, and black pudding and is served with crispy fried potatoes, rich and flavoursome baked tomatoes and wilted green spinach. A healthy portion packed with flavour. Wash it down with a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice, or even better a glass of their blood orange juice – delicious!

The Bristolian Breakfast


1 York Place, Clifton, Bristol

A new entry in 2012, and one that is most definitely at the top of my list (Becci). They are doing their best to make sure the old York Cafe site maintains its best breakfast reputation. Eggs Benedict = soft, perfectly cooked eggs, good quality ham, super hollandaise and crisp toasted muffins. Scrambled eggs and bacon = soft, creamy eggs, chewy bacon that almost resembles pancetta, crunchy toast. Coffee = delicious, tea = Attic tea. The one let down? Juice is from concentrate – we swap for Orangina – great for a hangover! These guys were a deserving winner of the Bristol Good Food Awards Best Breakfast and are now so popular that some Sundays you have to book in advance!!


16 The Promenade, Gloucester Road

Another new entry for 2012. Tart Cafe and food store serves an excellent breakfast. Whether you want wholesome muesli or a full on fry up, the quality of ingredients is excellent. Everything from welsh rarebit, pancakes, and even a boiled egg and soldiers are on the menu. Reasonably priced and a lovely place to start your weekend or banish your hangover!

The Lounges
Not sure if this is cheating or not as rather than one cafe this is five (in Bristol at least). I’ve had breakfast at quite a few of them now though and have to say it’s pretty damn good. A little on the pricey side, I think the loungers breakfast is about £6.50 however it tastes amazing. Not too greasy, but definitely hits the spot you get a bit of everything with this one – including black pudding – Yum! Atmosphere at the lounges is spot on, relaxed, warm and inviting with a huge selection of board games – perfect for passing time whilst Sunday brunching!

  • Lounge: 227-231 North Street, Bedminster | t: 0117 963 7340
  • Tinto Lounge: 344/346 Gloucester Road, Horfield | t: 0117 942 0526
  • Porto Lounge: 765 Fishponds Road, Fishponds | t: 0117 902 4567
  • Deco Lounge: 50 Cotham Hill, Cotham | t: 0117 373 2688
  • Banco Lounge: 107 Wells Road, Totterdown | t: 0117 908 6010

1 Queens Row, Clifton Triangle
One of the coolest cafe / diners in town – Rocotillos is a great haunt for Sunday morning breakfasts. Prices are average but the early morning breakfast club is an absolute steal. The award winning breakfasts here are very good inspite of the fact that they don’t come with baked beans which is a bit of a downer. My personal favourite is their breakfast roll. This is massive and not for the faint hearted but extremely tasty, not to mention their huge selection of milkshakes (I’d maybe think twice about ordering one if you’re particularly hungover) but they are extremely good. They certainly deserve their accolade of the Readers Choice Best Breakfast award and well worth a visit.

Primrose Cafe
1 Clifton Arcade, Boyces Avenue, Clifton Village, Bristol |t: 0117 946 6577
Definitely not your typical greasy spoon but probably my favourite of the foodie selection (Gemma). Primrose Cafe is our more suave and sophisticated breakfast option. Bubble and squeak with poached eggs, bagels, eggs benedict, smoked salmon and croque-monsieur are just some of the choices from Primrose’s breakfast menu (the obligatory full English is of course still there as are a selection of pastries and croissants). The outdoor seating is lovely on a sunny sunday morning – Primrose even provide fleecey rugs and blankets so you can still enjoy outside when the weather’s on the chilly side! Prices aren’t cheap but the food really is second to none – this understated little cafe just keeps impressing me, lunch, dinner and now breakfast.

If you know of a brilliant breakfast haunt not in our selection – please let us know so we can check them out and feature them on our list!

38 thoughts on “Best Breakfasts in Bristol

  1. Bjh1980 Reply

    I would say that lockside is the best breakfast in Bristol. Well worth checking out.

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Beth – thanks so much for your comment – definitely worth checking out!

  2. Raquel Reply

    The lockside is lovely but rather expensive. Just to add smoked salmon to a dish – £3.95.
    Sorry it is well rated unfortunately way too expensive.

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Raquel, eek that’s a hefty surcharge it had better be good salmon!

  3. Sarah Reply

    Boston Tea Party in Clifton is our favourite place. Great service, lovely atmosphere – sit upstairs and enjoy the views. They have fantastic bread and the most perfectly cooked poached eggs I’ve ever seen

  4. Beef Reply

    Toby carvery in whitchurch does all you can eat english breakfasts for 3.99!

    • Gemma Reply

      thanks for the comment – would you say it was one of Bristol’s BEST or just one of the cheapest / best value?

  5. Sally C Reply

    I find it hard to understand your very positive review on primrose cafe’s breakfasts, i have been living in clifton village for a long while, and have been to primrose on numerous occasions, only to be somewhat disappointed, the poached eggs more often than not, taste strongly of vinegar, and the bubble & squeak, very watery, the coffee is much to be desired, and the mugs used to serve it in, is very greasy spoon indeed! However, i would rate the setting for clifton village, especially as the road is now pedestrianised…

  6. Dave H Reply


    I would like to see Havana in Cotham on this list. I’ve been going there for years and the breakfast there is always top notch and good value. There is always a good vibe in there on a busy Saturday and the midweek pricing is competitive. Check it out!

    Regarding the comments on the Lockside. The food there is good but I agree it is overpriced.


    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Dave – I’ve tried Havana in Clifton and have to agree – their breakfasts are brilliant. I’ll get on to updating the post and thanks again for your comment

      Bristol Foodie

  7. hamid Reply

    hi how about Havana coffee ??

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Hamid – you are so right. they do need to be on this list. Had a couple of great breakfasts there :-)


  8. soup Reply

    Start the Bus on Corn St is pretty amazing.

    My favourite by far is a bacon sandwich and the best flat white coffee I’ve had bar none (including Rome!) at the Sourdough Cafe on St Nicks Market.
    The bread is always amazing, plenty of good bacon and the coffee is to DIE FOR!
    Although it’s a little exposed to the elements and can get cold, they provide knee blankets in their little cabin shelters and service with a smile. Such a lovely place. Great food to set you up for the day.

    • Gemma Reply

      We love Sourdough Cafe – nothing beats a good toastie and a coffee from those guys – Yum!

  9. Clare Reply

    I have not been to Bristol for a while but checked out Source Food Hall this morning. Pancakes and coffee certainly hit the mark. A tad pricey but great location and atmosphere. I also went to Lockside yesterday on the above recommendation. The service was v good and the food was good too albeit a bit over priced. The general decor felt a bit sterile and nineties, which isn’t really my thing. Saying that the place was busy with business men so probably a good standard and location for business breakfasts… What’s with the liquorice all sorts theme though?

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Clare thanks for the recommendations – great to hear your views on the best places to go :-)


  10. Mark Reply

    I have been to havanas Clifton the breakfast is ok, but parts of the meal can be cold while others hot, better than this by far though is the international café ay Gloucester road, the cook takes some pride in his dishes.

  11. Paul Reply

    We have found the Bristolian in (2 Picton Street) serves excellent food at a good price and has a good customer base. Open from 0800 hrs seven days a week a welcome has always to be had from the staff although I think they were rushed of their feet this morning with a full house. Must have been pay day or the weather was good

  12. Tom Reply

    In my experience River Station, is by a country mile better than any other breakfast I’ve eaten in Bristol. Fabulous restaurant quality food at a decent price, lovely views of the harbour and really top notch service to match (a rarity at eating establishments in Bristol!)

  13. andy Reply

    Frome valley farm winterbourne see the pigs in the farm and enjoy them cafe

  14. Marcos Reply

    Breakfast for us is anywhere from 6-8AM. After that we call it “brunch”. Usually by 9AM it’s too late for us — we’re off on a ramble by then and not back until late afternoon.

    Is there anyplace in Bristol that serves a reasonably early breakfast on weekends?

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Marcos, there’s bound to be – although nowhere that springs to mind. I’ll do some investigating and will feed back when I hear more. I know that Rocotillos do a “breakfast club” meal deal before 9am but not sure what time they open. Leave it with us!

      Any other foodies out there that can recommend an early breakfast joint for Marcos – please let us know

      Bristol Foodie

  15. Dave Reply

    Can’t believe no-one has mentioned Cafe Ronak on Gloucester Road! Open at 7 on weekdays, 8 on Saturdays and 9 on Sundays. Great breakfasts there, amazing atmosphere and service and to top it off fantastic coffee. Highly recommend it above some of the places mentioned above.

  16. David Reply

    I have lived in Bristol for 18 years and have heard all the hype around certain cafe’s I will not mention.
    What i will say is nothing beats the International Cafe on Gloucester Road for service, variety, quality, and value overall.

  17. Takvor Reply

    You guys should check that newly open place on Gloucester rd called New Moon. Brea
    kfast, Brunch or Dinner… Wow.. Indeed

  18. Bert fisher Reply

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Grounded on Church Rd. great atmosphere, but most importantly a great breakfast and variety. Big thumbs up from me. Just wish they opened earlier. I’m starving.

    • Gemma Reply

      thanks for the recommendation Bert. Will have to check them out. Totally agree on lots of places opening late though. What about us early birds hey?!
      Gemma BF xx

  19. arthur robinson Reply

    i went onto the site cos i was looking for an early morning breakfast in OLD MARKET,BRISTOL.alli got was some posh bit in clifton,hotels,and some place about 3/4 miles away from where i wanted to be.your site is SHIT.

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Arthur,

      Thanks for both of the comments posted. Sorry that you think that this blog is so shit. That said, not being able to find a decent breakfast when you are starving hungry is enough to put anyone in bad spirits.

      Weird that you mention everything being in Clifton because the first four places recommended on this post are in Easton, Gloucester Road, Montpelier, and Temple Meads. One of our listings, Hart’s bakery next to Temple Meads is only about a 5minute walk from Old Market – but I guess on the morning in question you didn’t fancy the stroll.

      Sadly we haven’t tried anywhere else in Old Market. If you happen to find anywhere good in that area, please feel free to leave a comment or recommendation as many other readers have done.

      Good luck in your breakfasts pursuits.

  20. arthur robinson Reply

    just posted 1 on your last s(h)ite,no further comment.

  21. John Craven Reply

    Please, can anyone tell me where to get a nice breakfast in Bristol at 6.00 am. Thanks, John

    • Cheryl Reply

      Sorry there’s nowhere that opens that early in Bristol :)

  22. dave Reply

    Hi, can you recommend many places in central town, around the Corn Street vicinity? Thanks

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Dave. My recommendation would be Stock Exchange Bakery on St Nicholas Street. Probably the best mushrooms on toast I’ve had.
      Any other reader recommendations out there?
      Thanks Gemma

  23. Helen Reply

    Cafe crème in Keynsham. Healthy breakfast cooked on a grilling machine and only £4.95 with a coffee or tea. ?

  24. Andy Reply

    For vegans and vegetarians, it’s got to be The Black Sheep on the weekends. Served until 12:00 and very tasty!!

    • Gemma Reply

      Andy – thanks so much for commenting, I’ve been meaning to try the Black Sheep for a while so its great to hear that they come recommended!


  25. David Frost Reply

    I know its a bit of a drive from Bristol but Salt & Malt at Chew Valley cook an exceptional breakfast.The view is fantastic as well.

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