Top Indian Restaurants and Takeaways in Bristol

There is a world of difference between a good curry house and a bad one, and sometimes the best Indian restaurants can be tricky to find. Which is why Bristol Foodie have put together a selection what we rate as the Best Indian Restaurants and Curry Houses in Bristol.

Krishna’s Inn,
4 Byron’s Place, Clifton Triangle, BS8
0117 927 68 64

Krishnas South Indian RestaurantFor foodies looking for a taste of the real India, Krishna’s Inn is definitely the place to go. Serving genuine Keralan cuisine Krishna’s is refreshingly different with vibrant flavours and extremely reasonable prices. Krishna’s Inn specialises in vegetable and fish curry so is great for veggie curry lovers however is not exclusively vegetarian. If you enjoy Indian food and are keen to try something a little bit different I can guarantee you won’t leave disappointed.

79 Gloucester Road, Patchway, BS34
0117 969 0907

Blink as you drive by and you’d miss it, Cassia is out of town on the north side of Gloucester Road (past Filton College and Rolls Royce, just a couple of doors down from Flingers the party shop). Do not be deceived by its takeaway shop façade however as inside Cassia is warm and welcoming with great service and even better food to match. The food is everything you would expect from a Balti House and more, rich, full of flavour and well priced. Without a doubt one of my all time favourite Curry Houses in Bristol, quality like that of Cassia is hard to find, whether it be for a warming meal out or just for a takeaway Cassia is definitely worth a visit.

Lal Jomi OutsideLal Jomi
2 Harcourt Rd, Bristol, BS6 7RG
tel: 0117 942 1640 / 0117 924 4648

Definitely worth the drive, Lal Jomi is just off Coldharbour Rd, but is one of the BEST Indian restaurants in Bristol by far. Greeted by a man who can only be compared to the Genie from Aladin, you are welcomed and taken into the caves of Lal Jomi. Cosy booths and fabric draped from the ceiling give Lal Jomi the edge over the often ominous decor of some Indian restaurants. And the food is special – no nuclear red looking curries here, just beautifully flavoured, natural curries, with good quality meat that does not taste like it has been pumped full of water. Highly commended – I have yet to find a better curry house in Bristol.

Brunel Raj
6 and 7 Waterloo Street(off Princess Victoria Street), Clifton Village, Bristol, BS8 4BT, 0117 973 2641

Out for drinks in Clifton? Then the Brunel Raj should definitely be on your list of places to go after the pub. Although it is no Lal Jomi (see above), the Brunel Raj does a good curry, and is probably the best Indian restaurant in Clifton village (apart from the Thali Cafe – but that doesn’t really count!). Good food, good atmosphere and 20% discount on take aways!

88a Queens Road, Clifton, Bristol (next to Victoria Rooms), Tel: 0117 9741700

If you like the idea of going for a curry in a random green hut in Clifton, then Rajmoni could be for you! Situated just off Queens Rd, climb a few steps and enter the hut that is Rajmoni – it feels a bit like you are on a long boat, but the curry is good, the service is friendly and they give 20% off on takeaways! What more could you want from an Indian restaurant? Especially after a few beers on a Friday night!

5 Badminton Road, Downend, Tel: 0117 957 3030

Not central but it comes highly recomended and is busy most nights of the week. The Tamarind in Downend is great for a takeaway but also has a large a spacious restaurant making it a cosy and welcoming environment for a meal out as well. Service is quick and high quality and the food is extremely good. Definitely one worth going to for those who live North or East Bristol.

Sitara Tandoori
3a Regent Street, Clifton Village, BS8 4HW
t: 0117 973 9937

A top notch menu full of flavour and original, inspiring Tandoori and Curry dishes. Sitara Tandoori is one of the few Hala Indian restaurants in Bristol. As well as restaurant service, Sitara offers a takeaway service with Free Delivery and 20% discount. One of my favourite Curry Houses and one that I return to time and time again.

Our Readers Favourites
Some of the recomendations we have been given by you, our readers

  • Kohi Noor, Whiteladies Road
  • Raj Mahal City, Clarence Road
  • Rupali Tandori, Kingswood

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26 thoughts on “Top Indian Restaurants and Takeaways in Bristol

  1. Simon Reply

    Thanks for the summary – we have recently moved to Brizzle and struggled to find a decent curry house. Whilst we support your view that Lal Jomi and Brunel Raj are in the upper echeklons of sub-continental cuisine in Bristol, we believe note tyhe omission of the far superior Kohi Noor at the top of Whiteladies Road. Do try it out – the Jalfrezi and especially the Lal Mass are divine, not run-of-the-mill curry house fare but clearly freshly spiced (no out of the packet sauces here) and highly original. We recommend…..

    • Becci Reply

      This is just the sort of feedback we love! Glad you agree but also always really glad to hear of new places to check out!

      Thanks and look forward to trying Kohi Noor soon!

      Bristol Foodie

  2. K Reply

    We have found the Raj Mahal City on Clarence Road to be outstanding. Never been to the original Raj Mahal (in Stapleton) but I believe it’s very good also. I would go as far as to say that Raj Mahal City is the best curry I have had anywhere, ever.

    • Gemma Reply

      thanks for the feedback K, this is exactly the sort of comment we are looing for – will be sure to try Raj Mahal City sometime soon!
      Thanks – Gemma

  3. G Flex Reply

    The tamarind is good but the best curry house is RUPALI TANDORI in kingswood. service A***** Run by an asian chap with the strongest bristolian accent ever.

  4. Tom Glason Reply

    what about – awesome albeit a little pricey!

    • Gemma Reply

      interesting you think its good there – it’s BYO isn’t it? just around the corner from work so one to try sometime soon… any particular dishes you recommend?

  5. G Flex Reply

    went Krishna’s Inn last night, do not recomend.
    small portions, little flavour. distasteful mango chutney. random.
    avoid at all costs.

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi G Flex thanks for the comments,

      Can’t believe you didnt enjoy the meal at Krishnas, I’ve always found it excellent when we’ve been.

      Lets hope it was a blip and not that they are going down hill

      Thank you again for your comment, its really important that our readers keep us updated with their experiences

      Speak soon! Gemma x

  6. Mike (Thornbury) Reply

    Please check out the Mogul Shamrat in Thornbury. . Lovely food, reasonably priced, nice people and great atmosphere.

  7. jeff Reply

    Great reviews…. But I’m guessing your Cliffton based?
    Any good spots for us Bristolians in the south? Say Totterdown to Bedmister Down?

    Many thanks

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Jeff – thanks for the comment, we are Clifton based yes and whilst I’ve had some awesome curries around the north and out of town a bit I’m yet to try anywhere in the South. Any awesome recommendations then please let us know!

      These guys are curry experts though and are bound to have some good recommendations –

      Keep us posted with how you get on!
      Bristol Foodie

  8. James Reply

    Can’t really agree about the favorable comments regarding the Lal Jomi. We stopped going here (even though it is very near where we live) as the food was always too rich (too much Ghee used in the cooking?) and usually left us with indigestion and the staff were incredibly rude to my wife on one visit when she took our kids (then aged 14 & 11). A much better place is the Jubo Raj on Cotham Hill.

  9. M Reply

    Not the best curry places in Bristol. Not even close.

    • Gemma Reply

      Where would you rate as the best?
      Bristol Foodie

  10. Curry Police Reply

    Sorry to disappoint, but there are not any decent or even satisfactory Indian restaurants in Bristol.

    I am Indian, and have tried many of them, and it has been a painful experience. Just think about it, have you ever seen any Indian people eating in these places. What they are doing is a crime, and the Bristol people are being conned into thinking what they are eating is Indian food.

    In fact it is very poor quality meat, basted in poor quality oil, served in homogeneous sauces which come out of big plastic tubs, bought in from warehouses at very cheap prices. Very little cooking goes on these kitchens. Why do you never see any open kitchens? If you want any hint of a decent Indian food, firstly you need to ask if the Restaurant is owned by Indians and if the cook is actually Indian? You will find only a few in Bristol. Good Luck.

    Go to London or Birmingham. The Regency in Queensbury, London is a good starting point.

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks for your comment – its great to get feedback from someone who knows their stuff.

      Let us know if you come across any in Bristol that you do recommend for traditional and quality food, would be great to get your recommendations. So far the best we’ve found has been Krishnas I think

      Thanks again for commenting

      Bristol Foodie

  11. Curry Police Reply

    Krishnas was good, and a welcome break from the standard fare.

    In fact I got quite excited at one stage at the array of authentic South Indian vegetarian food. However, I have been there a few times now and with several changes of management has had a considerable impact on the quality of the food and service. Also it is not always the most clean and hygienic of places. It is a shame really as it was delivering on the flavour of the food sometimes.

    I suppose the challenge with Bristol is consistency. I do think people need to question and complain about the quality of the food and sauces, and ask if the sauce and the food have been cooked together.

    If it does not look fresh or does not taste good, or the meat looks and feels rubbery, then we must strike up the courage and complain, and even ask to look at the kitchen, if you have doubts about the cleanliness. The reason some restaurants get away with it is because they can! Complaining and blogs like this are the only way to improve Indian food in Bristol.

  12. Elliot Reply

    They are decent places to go and have a look at. However living in Bristol for the
    Last 40 years I have seen it all. The best Indian place to eat in that offers you brilliant service and delicious food has to be Eastern Spice located in kingswood. The atmosphere is like no other. The decor is authentic. The food is cheap and your receive large mouth watering portions. The staff are warmed hearted always smiling and greeting you aswell as taking the time to have good conversations with you and build a mutual relationship. Eastern spice is definitely a contender.

    • Gemma Reply

      thanks so much for the comment Elliot, We always like to hear our readers recommendations – especially for places outside of the centre which often go under the radar!

      thanks again,
      Bristol Foodie

  13. Adrian Hart Reply

    Here’s a new one for you then – the Indian Open Kitchen in Nailsea. Quite small, but excellent food, and you can watch the food being prepared via an enormous window into the kitchen.

    Agree on your rating on Lal Jomi but you might also want to consider the Raj in King Street, which IMO has become much batter of late and is my current favourite.

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Adrian thanks for the comment

      Nailsea’s new arrival sounds like its worth checking out.

      I went to the Raj King St a few years ago (maybe 5?) and thought it was ok but not overwhelmed. Sounds like its time I went back!!

      Thanks again for commenting
      Bristol Foodie

  14. Jacob Reply

    Checkout Ganesha in Bedminster – definitely one of my favourites. They are real foodies in there and cook genuine Indian food rather than British imitation. Surprised not to see it mentioned…

  15. Jacob Reply

    p.s. after reading Curry Police’s post above I can also confirm that Ganesha is owned and run by Indians, and I have seen large groups of Indians come in to eat there – a good sign methinks!

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks for the comments Jacob – we love getting additional recommendations. Will have to check Ganesha out!

      Thanks again for reading and commenting
      Bristol Foodie

  16. Liz Reply

    Hi, coming a bit late to the discussion, but we would agree with pretty much everything Curry Police says. We have tried so many ‘authentic’ Indian restaurants in Bristol only to encounter the same bought-in base sauce. One or two have started out good but I guess can’t make a living so they go downhill rapidly. Our favourite at the moment for tasty food and fresh ingredients is the Thali Cafe, but that’s a very British attempt at Indian food, isn’t it? (tasty though!)
    But where can we get dhosas in Bristol? Or a decent Bhel Puri? How can we convince restaurant owners there’s a market out there who isn’t drunk and just wants good grub? We’ve vowed not to eat the bought-in sauce any more, but that leaves us with a problem. Where is there a restaurant where ‘authentic’ means ‘food Indians eat’ and not ‘English curry house circa 1985’?

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