The Stable review: Pizza. Cider. Pies.

We were gutted to miss the opening of The Stable back in July, but all was remedied when we were invited to try a meal there last week. Just to set the record straight, Gemma and I received our meals and a drink each for free, but our boyfriends, who at the sound of pizza and cider, begged to join us, paid (mwah, ha, ha).

We arrived at 6.30pm on a Friday night to a buzzing atmosphere and an admittedly prime position in one of the raised booths. The venue is spacious and industrial with wooden benches and tables, steel pillars, tiled floor and simple overhead lighting. To be honest it adds a touch of much needed style to the waterfront and sits comfortably alongside another favourite of ours Harbourside No. 1 and in stark contrast to the other bars and restaurants along the waterfront that I’m usually a bit scared of on a Friday night.

The Stable

One thing we noticed straight away is that the ovens aren’t traditional wood fired ovens, but industrial-sized electric jobbies that were obviously designed for pizza, so we were curious to see how the pizzas would turn out. The menu is easy to follow and broken into the essential areas of pizza, pies and cider – don’t expect much else – although there is a small corner dedicated to beer, wine and salads and kids are well catered for too. Local ingredients and produce are prominent and got a big thumbs up from us, from local Somerset cider to Bath Pig chorizo, we were really happy to see so many familiar names on the menu.

We all fancied pizza so apologies we can’t comment on the pie aspect. It’s an order and pay at the bar affair, which is nice for a casual meal out and takes away the stress that is sometimes associated with paying at the end – especially when there’s a big group of you. Now, the pizza side I could cope with, but I have never seen such a huge cider menu and even as a cider drinker was feeling bamboozled as I approached the bar. This was soon rectified though as I was asked the type of cider I usually go for (Stowford Press) and presented with a couple of samples to try. I went for a pint of Sheppy’s single variety Dabinnet, although we also ordered a cider tasting board, which consists of five third pints of a variety of ciders to sample.

Hawaiian The Stable Pizza

About 15 minutes after we had sat back down our pizzas arrived – points for speedy service here. All served on their tangy sourdough base, I went for the Fresh Hawaiian, with the obvious ham and pineapple, but the not so obvious and welcome additions of avocado and chilli, Gem went for the the Clifton Suspender (chicken, pepper and mushrooms) and both boys went for the stereotypically meaty option of The Longhorn Jim (ground beef, chorizo, mushrooms and onions).

First impressions were good – the pizzas are super thin and served on their own boards complete with a pizza cutter each. Toppings were generous, if a little too generous for the pizza purists among us, but Gemma and I certainly weren’t complaining about the hunks of free range chicken and locally smoked ham that graced our pizzas. We were all really impressed with the bases, particularly given the ovens used, I hate thick bases and this was about as thin as you can get without holes. The underside was crisp too, admittedly not as charred as you get with a wood fired oven but still delicious and what I look for in a pizza.

Cider The Stable Pizza

The cider tasting wasn’t quite the success of the pizzas, but that’s down to our own unappreciative taste buds that clearly favour sparkling ciders over the still, cloudy scrumpy and farm house varieties. At least we tried though eh?


If you’re in town and looking for some well priced (pizzas are around a tenner each), quick, decent grub in a relaxed environment then The Stable comes highly recommended – next time we will try the pies!


The Stable
Next to the Watershed on the water front
0117 927 9999

2 thoughts on “The Stable review: Pizza. Cider. Pies.

  1. Piar Miah Reply

    I wonder if becci n gemma are like the cow that follows the head cow into a field to eat the grass lol it seems like this is a clear example of Bristol being a city of steak and chips and Sunday roast lmao

    • Gemma Reply

      Ummm thanks for the comment Piar…? Perhaps you are calling Becci and I cows here though… which is not really cool.
      Not sure I understand your comment as The Stable review is about somewhere that serves Pizza. Not steak and chips, or Sunday Roast. I’ve noticed that you’ve left comments on some of our other reviews, so you’re clearly familiar with other posts on the blog – most of which don’t include steak and chips but focus on vegetarian, pan asian, indian, pizza, cafes etc. It’s pretty varied.
      We are always on the look out for guest bloggers so if you feel that our posts aren’t representative of your experience of dining in Bristol and you have somewhere which you would like to recommend to other readers, please feel free to send us a guest post.
      Or, maybe there’s no substance to your comments in this instance?
      Gemma BF xx

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