The Innocent HGV – coming to a place in Bristol near you this week!

Keep your eyes peeled in Bristol this week as Innocent’s Hungry Grassy Van will be touring our city offering people a tasty way to get their 5‐a‐day. The HGV will be serving up a selection of healthy takeaway options and alternatives to traditional fast food favourites such as rainbow root vegetable chips.

Innocent go out of their way to show that healthy doesn’t have to mean pricey as all dishes will cost £2 to £3 and they’ll be offering a £5 meal deal for your full 5 portions of fruit and veg – personally I can’t wait!

The Innocent HGV is promoting the launch of Innocent’s new family recipe book Hungry which offers a guide to tasty, no fuss food that the whole family can enjoy.

The HGVs will be open for breakfast lunch and dinner, mainly for takeaway but some of them offer seating too! Bristol’s locations are below and you can get more information at:

  • Tuesday 13th – At-Bristol (Science Museum)
  • Wednesday 14th – Centre Promenade
  • Thursday 15th PM- May Park Primary School

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