Bristol’s best mulled cider

Tis the season to be jolly tra la la la la… and trollied, which is why we have decided to give you the lowdown on the best mulled cider in Bristol! Well Clifton anyway.

mulled cider

The Albion
Boyces Avenue, Clifton

It is now officially difficult to walk home from work past the Albion without popping in for a half of its legendary hot cider! It is becoming a bit of a habit, but it really is the taste to get you in the Christmas spirit. Served in generous glass beakers (I’m certain it is more than half a pint) and priced at a mere £2.00 you really can’t go wrong with this winter warmer.

This time last year, I’m sure the Albion was one of the only places serving up hot cider so well done for starting a trend! The drink itself can occasionally be a tad hit and miss, but when it is bang on it is sweet and thick and beatifully spiced. The later you get there the better normally – it tends to be not quite ready after work but my impatience means I gulp it down anyway!

Amoeba * WINNER *
10 King’s Road, Clifton

I have recently been reacquainting myself with Amoeba, especially their cocktails and discovering their winter drinks menu was a pleasant surprise, especially to see mulled cider there! A tad more expensive at £3.75 a pop, the mulled cider is definitely the winner for me!

A combination of cider, spices, chilli and Calvados make this hot cider cocktail like, and much more sophisticated than anything you get elsewhere. The cosy atmosphere inside encourages that festive feeling and even if mulled cider doesn’t tickle your fancy, I’m sure something else on the winter drinks menu will!

The Lansdown
8 Clifton Road, Clifton

Also new to the the Lansdown’s menu, their hot mulled cider actually comes in at second place for me. At £2.25 for half a pint, the price is right and the taste is as it should be. I have tried it at least three times now after being dissapointed by the occasional sourness at the Albion, and each time it had the perfect balance of sweet, sour and spice.

Sitting in the garden at the Lansdown is probably one of my favourite places – it is usually warmer out than in due to their extensive range of heaters, and a few Christmas decorations and a mug of steeaming hot cider is the perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit!

The Mall
66 The Mall, Clifton

I have just remembered that the Mall did do mulled cider last year and it was as sour then as it is now! Although too much sugar is not good, they seem to put hardly any in and unfortunately it is not to my taste. At £2.75 a glass it is not one of the cheapest either, but hey it is still hot cider and I would still buy it if I went there on a winter’s night!

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