Bristol’s best vegetarian restaurants

Maitreya Social - Main course

Bristol is known for its green and Eco friendly persona (the second greenest city in Europe) So it’s expected that you can find some fabulous vegetarian food across our fair city. Below is a selection of restaurants which serve fabulous vegetarian food. Some of them serve meat dishes as well but for is these are [...]

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Sweet potato falafel – no frying necessary

I had the girls coming round for a quick dinner before we went out for some wine, and this recipe, in Leon’s first recipe book was perfect. The girls all love sweet potato, and tend to live on a diet of sweet potato combined with lots of roasted vegetables (they also go to the gym [...]

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Homemade hummus – better than any pot

Ok, so this may seem like a controversial claim – I have spoken to many a cook who has failed to get it right, and I was fully expecting my homemade hummus to be a let-down as a result, but this recipe is seriously good. A bit about the recipe – we got it from [...]

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St Nicholas Market food hall review – Eat a Pitta (falafel)


It was a sad day when Soup & Salad left St Nick’s market’s glass arcade However a very happy day when new stallholders Eat-a-pitta arrived! A family run business which has just gone full time after successfully running a falafel stand in Quakers Friars on Saturdays. If like me you are a lover of falafel [...]

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