Steak and wine Wednesday at Yurt Lush review

The offer of steak and wine on a Wednesday night was far too much to resist, especially held in the cosy Yurt Lush at the Creative Common.

But this wasn’t just any old steak, this was an organic beef platter for two using beef from the award winning Somerset based The Story Group.

Steak Yurt Lush

We booked a 7pm slot and rocked up at the yurts to be greeted with a choice of two delicious bottles of red. We went for the fruity Cotes Du Rhone and settled in to our surroundings.

For anyone like me who hasn’t got around to visiting the Creative Common yet I strongly suggest you head down there. It really is the perfect spot for an after work beverage, even as the temperature drops and the rain pelts down you don’t notice in the cosy Yurt Lush.

If you liked the Eat Drink Bristol tipis, this is their smaller, more permanent younger sister. Think candlelight, canvas and wooden benches coupled with tantalising smells coming from the kitchen and live music oozing through the conjoined yurts.

We didn’t have to wait long before our beef platter arrived. Steak tartare sat next to beef stew topped with dumplings and crisp beefy shards, alongside a saliva inducing pile of rare smoked rib of beef. For £45 for two people plus the bottle of wine it felt like good value, especially given the provenance and quality of the meat.

Tartare Steak Yurt Lush

The tartare was delicious, soft in texture and bursting with natural meaty flavour alongside dill and excellent seasoning. Perfect spread on the accompanying toast, although we both commented that receiving it as a starter instead of alongside the other two elements would have spread the meal out slightly.

The accompanying stew was rich and meaty and the herby dumplings added great texture alongside the crispy beef topping. Perfect for dipping the triple cooked chips into!

Stew Steak Yurt Lush

The rib steak was cooked perfectly for us, very rare, which really showcased the quality of the meat. The home-smoking gave it a rich, deep flavour that stood out, the only slight drawback was the texture of the meat. Unfortunately it was a bit chewy, but I know this can sometimes happen with beef and certainly don’t think it was down to the cooking – it had clearly been cooked and rested well. We thought it was perhaps the way the beef had been cut, but the full flavour and quality of the meat did make up for it.

An unexpected pudding course came in the form of a simple but satisfying affogato, giving us just enough food to finish off the irresistible wine!

Verdict? Good value, cosy, fun surroundings, great quality food and wine. A highly recommended midweek treat.


Yurt Lush
Creative Common

Creative common Yurt Lush

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