Big Banana Juice Bar St Nicholas Market review

I have a LOT of love for the Big Banana Juice Bar. A vibrant and lively juice bar in St Nick’s market offering everything from wheatgrass shots to juices and smoothies. As well as your standard smoothies there are various health shots you can take (I still haven’t plucked up the courage to try a garlic shot!) and also boosters which you can add to you drinks. (The brain booster has come in handy on a few occasions). For me, its the juices I love the best though… my favourites are below.

Cold & Flu Buster. A hot concoction of fruit juices and ginger. I’ve sworn by this for years and it really does help keep colds at bay. Plus it’s a great winter warmer for when the temperature drops – brrr!!

Power booster. Bright orange and bloomin’ delicious this is a juice which is great for an energy burst mid day (like if you’re behind with an assignment or work project – not that I EVER am!)

Very berry. Who doesn’t love a classic berry smoothie? Nice and sweet with that slight tang in the after taste. When I found out I was pregnant I was overjoyed to see that berries are a pregnancy superfood which means I can drink these scrummy smoothies to my heart’s content!

Lemon Aid. This is more of a summer juice I think. I’m not sure why, I just prefer it in the summer. Zesty and refreshing, its much lighter than a smoothie and is a great summer slurper.

Warning – Contains vitamins.

Shots from £1
Smoothies from £2.50

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