St Nicholas Market food hall review – Eat a Pitta (falafel)

It was a sad day when Soup & Salad left St Nick’s market’s glass arcade

However a very happy day when new stallholders Eat-a-pitta arrived! A family run business which has just gone full time after successfully running a falafel stand in Quakers Friars on Saturdays.

If like me you are a lover of falafel then this place is definitely for you. The falafel is excellent quality, cooked in front of you and has that all important crunch as you bite into it. A great vegetarian option and bvest of all everything is wheat, gluten, dairy and nut free unless otherwise stated

The salad options are great – carrot, cabbage, cous cous, tabbouleh, pickles and more and a range of sauces, tahini, chilli or garlic and lemon.

An incredibly filling lunch which has had everyone in my office raving about how good it is – cries of “this is amazing” and “the best lunch I’ve had all week” are becoming all too familiar.

At just £3.95 for a pitta or a salad then you definitely get your money’s worth. Well worth a try I have a feeling that these guys are going to be really successful (I think the falafel queue down the arcade on their first day really spoke for itself!)

So pop down and give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Check these guys out on facebook and on twitter – @eatapitta

7 thoughts on “St Nicholas Market food hall review – Eat a Pitta (falafel)

  1. Nicola Reply

    It is awesome, but it seems to have been closed since I came back from Christmas, when is it open again? I am allergic to gluten and it is one of the only place near work that I can actually get gluten free food :-)

    • Becci Reply

      I ate there yesterday so it is definitely back open again :)


  2. Ellie Reply

    Totally agree, I love this place, and clearly I’m not the only one judging by the q.

  3. Neil Reply

    My girlfriend and I ate here last week – the pitta was delicious. So fresh, great flavours and excellent value for money.
    It was really the best lunch I have had in a long while. We’ll be going again for sure :)

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks for the comment – so pleased you like it too – best falafel I’ve had!

  4. Clare Dani Reply

    Did you know that their Pittas come from Abu Noor Pitta Factory, the guys that own Falafel King.

  5. Alec Reply

    A mere 3 years later a decent lunch will set you back double that!

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