Pure Pasta Soup and Sandwich Italian, St Nicholas Market Food Hall review

St Nick’s Market Food Hall – a bustling and vibrant collection of multi cultural culinary delights. A visit to the market food hall really awakens the senses as your nose is filled with the aromas of food from around the globe, from Italy to India, the UK to the Caribbean, your mouth will be watering in seconds. This is a must see for anyone visiting Bristol (those living in Bristol who haven’t yet been to St Nick’s have really been missing out!)

I often pop into the market for a quick lunch to take back to the office but with so much to choose from decisions can be tricky and it’s taken a few weeks to sample everyone. I’ve finally done it though and will be posting a daily lunchtime review of each vendor in St Nicks including tips and favourite dishes from me and from my fellow colleagues.

As always, recommendations and your opinions are always welcome, comment below or contact us on info@bristolfoodie.co.uk with your suggestions.

Handy tip – Seamus O Donnells – the pub on the corner of the market, allows you to take market bought food in to eat whilst you have a drink – brilliant for a Friday lunchtime!

St Nicholas Market Food Hall – Pure Pasta Soup and Sandwich Italian

First stop is the Italian man, with a daily selection of meat and vegetarian pasta specials and a small cafe to eat in if you choose. Don’t be put off by the sometimes miserable demeanour of the Italian man himself as food and service is good! Meatballs are always excellent. The tomato-y pasta bakes and lasagne can sometimes be a bit watery – make sure you get a good look at what’s on offer before making your decision.

For an extra cost you can also have salad and garlic bread however my colleagues and I have a theory that going for this results in a smaller portion of pasta! All in all, good food and great value for money

Cost 3.50 – £4.50

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