Spring Love Food Festival

Rather shamefully, the weekend before last was the first time I had been to any of the Love Food Festival events around Bristol. And quite frankly I am annoyed at myself for not discovering it sooner!

The perfect way to wile away a few hours on a Saturday afternoon, I wandered down to Brunel’s Old Station at Temple Meads to meet a foodie friend and start enjoying the free samples at this FREE festival.

Beautifully set up, with bunting hanging from wall to wall and baskets of fresh produce in abundance, I didn’t know where to start. We strolled up the first aisle taking in the sights and smells and racked up samples of Bath Chorizo, and various cheeses , before turning down the next to be faced with brightly coloured cupcakes and some of the most impressive patisseries I have ever seen.

The free samples kept flowing, we tasted sourdough, goats cheese, local cheese, chocolate brownies and many more, before passing the cookery school. On the stage was Ronnie from Ronnie’s in Thornbury, who has recently reopened The Muset – a restaurant I have yet to try but cannot wait to after seeing him cook! He was cooking skate wing with a herb and caper butter, spring greens and potatos, it tasted delicious.

After seeing one cooking session and noticing that Freddie Bird from the Lido was up shortly afterwards, we decided to sample the beer and cider tent while we waited – local of course. We headed back to the cookery school just on time to see Freddie demonstrating his chocolate and stout ice cream, followed by rabbit salad. Again, it made me want to head straight for the Lido, especially after receiving a free cone of his delicious ice cream, tips like reducing the stout to decrease the water content, and hearing him say how he likes to cook with parts of animals that others do not want. An inspirational chef for sure!

Before we left we thought it would be rude not to buy anything so settled on some Trealy Farm British cured meats – at three items for £10 this seemed too good to miss out on and we chose their delicious chorizo and mature pancetta – I can’t wait to make a Carbonara!

The next Love Food Festival is May 1st at Paintworks Bristol – it will be it’s third birthday – believe me it is worth a visit!

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