Sitara Tandoori review: Bristol’s top notch halal Indian cuisine

Updated October 2013: Sitara has now closed and a new Indian restaurant, Rupsha, has opened in its place. Read our review of the new Rupsha here.

I’ll hold my hands up and admit it, I’ve always been somewhat of a curry house hussy, with no real loyalty to any one Indian takeaway – or that was the case until I found Sitara.

Situated at the bottom of Regent Street in Clifton, Sitara is somewhat overshadowed by it’s more glamorous and fashionable neighbour the Thali Cafe. Appearances can be deceiving however as this modest looking Indian serves some of the best curry I’ve had in Bristol.

The restaurant area in Sitara is basic and there is certainly room for improvement here where budget-looking furnishings, wobbly tables and cheap decor means the ambience is somewhat lacking. Your surrounds melt away however once food has been served as food quality here is extremely high and the chef’s specials truly are, something special, original, unique and full of flavour.

I’ve tasted a number of dishes from Sitara Tandoori’s menu, each has been excellent and surpassed all expectations. My favourite is chef’s special, chicken magoa, a medium hot mango dish cooked in a thick sauce. My boyfriend’s favourite is the chicken saag which is cooked with spinach.

Takeaway service here is first-rate; free delivery within a 5 mile radius and 20% discount on menu prices. In addition to all of this, Sitara is one of the few places where you can go for halal cuisine in Bristol, something pretty rare for Indian restaurants but definitely sought after.

Verdict: Good quality and reliable food at a reasonable price. Perfect when in need of a curry fix!

Sitara Tandoori has closed and is now Rupsha
3a Regent Street, Clifton Village, BS8 4HW

3 thoughts on “Sitara Tandoori review: Bristol’s top notch halal Indian cuisine

  1. Peter Reply

    Couldn’t agree more here, Sitara currently tops my list of Indian restaurants in Bristol.

  2. Becci Reply

    Glad you agree Peter! Gemma and I often end up in Sitara on a Friday night – and they deliver :) You should also check out our post on our top Indian restaurants – any suggestions much appreciated!

  3. Jen Reply

    Rupsha (not Sitara)

    This Indian restaurant is fab! Ordered a takeaway (so have not yet physically been there). The guy who answered my call was very friendly and made absolute sure the order/address was correct.

    Food took 35 mins to be delivered on a Sunday eve around 8pm (pretty good in my opinion, and not too suspiciously quick)

    My favorite dish was the Murgh raaga. Wow! Really well spiced and full of flavour. Saw it through the tub and thought it looked watery and my heart sank, but the first bite was the complete opposite to watery, it packed such a punch. The chicken was fresh and you could taste the intense marinade when you had a piece of chicken on its own. The sauce was rich, aromatic and meaty. Also tried a lamb passanda, which was lovely, a bit sweet but I don’t normally go for creamy curries so I don’t have much to compare it too. The lamb in the passanda tasted nice and fresh. Both came with rice. The kulcha naan was great, herby and soft.

    I feel like a bit of a curry hussy too, but some part of that is not finding a delish and consistent curry house, apart from the obvious ones. It’s becoming a hit-and-miss treat to have fresh meat and bags of flavour for a takeaway curry, so glad I can slut about a bit less now.

    Thank you for your edit/update on this restaurant :)

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