Quick and Easy, NO excuses Cheese Sauce

I’m a foodie of the opinion that Cheese Sauce from a packet is a cardinal sin so I’ve included my recipe for Cheese Sauce below (it’s SO quick and Easy you have no excuses!!)


  • 1 Mug Grated Cheese (the finer the better)
  • 1 Teaspoons Butter
  • Pinch of Salt and Pepper (and Paprika if you like)
  • 1 table spoons of Plain Flour
  • 1 Mug of Milk


  • Put Cheese into a pan, add flour, Salt, Pepper and Paprika and mix well
  • Add Milk and Butter and bring to the boil, stirring continuously
  • The sauce should thicken, as soon as it does, its ready!

My mum can’t believe that this recipe doesn’t produce lumpy sauce but it really doesn’t – perfect every time and extremely easy – say goodbye to those cheating packets!

Double the quantity for Lasagne, Cheesey Potatoes, Cauliflower Cheese and larger dishes

Be Experimental! Try using different cheeses or flavoured cheese for a tasty sauce – Wensleydale and Cranberry cheese works well for a rich and creamy sauce! Take a look in The Arch House Deli in Clifton for a great selection of cheeses which would be perfect for this!

27 thoughts on “Quick and Easy, NO excuses Cheese Sauce

  1. Becci Reply

    Hey sugar you have surpassed yourself here! Just made this using blue cheese for a cauliflower bake… AMAZING! Nice one x

  2. Gemma Reply

    it really does work! I’ve replaced some of the milk with cream before which works well too if you’re looking for something really rich (only on special occassions though as it is a bit naughty!)

  3. Alf and Ed's mummy Reply

    Amazing! So much easier than the usual method!
    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I can’t believe the sauce didn’t go lumpy. :)

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks Leah, it’s pretty fail safe and has worked every time for me – proof that student cookbooks can last a lifetime!
      Bristol Foodie

  4. Bev Reply

    Amazing , quick and fool proof ,will re-use this time and time again , thank you .

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks Bev. Sometimes the simple recipes are the best!

      What’s nice about this is you can easily adapt to your taste and preference – try adding done chilli powder in for a kick or using something like Stilton rather than cheddar

      Glad you liked it
      Bristol Foodie

  5. Thomas Reply

    Awesome, thanks a lot for posting this. I normally find cheese sauces laborious and time consuming to make.

    Will be trying this out tonight. :3

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks for the comment Thomas – how did you get on? Hope everything went well :-)

      • SheilaJ

        Thank u thank u, needed a quick sauce without all the fuss, MEGA! Will certainly use this recipe over and over again with variations. I added a big spoon of whole grain mustard and some cooked chopped bacon to liven up some cauliflower….MAGIC !

  6. Peter Reply

    Hi thanks for that just made some to pour over warm pasta and chicken, it was perfect.
    Can’t believe its that easy.



    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks for the feedback Peter – it really is a fail safe recipe – glad it was a success


  7. Karen carcel Reply

    Brilliant cut the cheese in small chunks as lost the grater
    Worked perfect thank you

  8. Vonscat Reply

    Brillant! I try to cook everything myself for my 2 kids 3 and 14 months, and sauces are hard to do when they are round your ankles. This has worked a treat for a quick fish pie. Thank you.

  9. Alex Reply

    I used this sauce but fiddled the Quantities a little (more cheese, drop of cream and a little cream cheese) and it produced sublime cheese sauce That I’ve used on Mac&Cheese this evening. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks Alex glad it was a success – the brilliant thing about a recipe this simple is that it gives you a good foundation and is easy to customise to your tastes :-) – mac and cheese sounds lush!


  10. Cathie Reply

    I usually hate making cheese sauce so was looking for something quick and easy. Found this and it was so easy to make. I found I didn’t even need to stir it all the time as I was preparing the rest of the dinner! I used mustard powder and a little sherry for flavouring – it tasted yummy and my husband loved it! I also used cornflour as I’m coeliac and need a gluten free diet. Thank you for sharing it!

  11. Christine Reply

    Such an amazing recipe. Made it in a matter of minutes. Thank you x

  12. Jandee Reply

    Great recipe! I used it before and now managed to find it again and will be using again. Thanks for sharing!

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks hit commenting Jandee – glad you enjoyed!

  13. Vicki Reply

    Comfort food was needed quickly… Thank u so much for thus ace recipe! Currently scoffing the best cheese sauce I’ve ever made, why didn’t anyone tell me it was this easy??!

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks Vicki so glad you enjoyed it!

  14. Ste Reply

    This is honestly the best recipe i have ever followed. It never goes wrong and is soo quick, sooo easy and tastes soo good too. I dont usually comment but i thought i just needed to thank you…THANK YOU I LOVE YOUR CHEESE SAUCE!

  15. Brittany Reply

    Amazing, really quick and easy to make failproof and tastes amazing over pasta.
    As a teenager I find it hard to make homemade food but this is easy. Yhanks gemma for sharing :)

  16. Rob Reply

    Ace recipe…thanks.

  17. Cathy Reply

    Huge thank you for this recipe! It has transformed my vegetarian life❤️

    • Jill Reply

      What a fantastic recipe can’t believe it’s so easy

  18. Alan Reply

    My darling wife hadn’t been eating for several days when suffering with the flu, and on the road to recovery she fancied a small amount of mashed potatoes, and I found this mega easy speedy recipe. What a godsend. Seconds later, success on a plate. Thanks so much.

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