Pieminister review: Live and eat pie!

Ok, so there is nothing new about Pieminister, we all know who they are and we all know that they know what they’re doing when it comes to pies. But what is (quite) new, is the revamped Pieminister restaurant on Stokes Croft and this time they’ve got it nailed. I hadn’t been before the revamp, but my good friend Ives tells me it was more of a drop in and get a pie to takeaway kind of place than the funky sit down and eat restaurant it is now.

So when one of my bestest old uni friends came to visit (that’s you Clarence), it seemed the perfect opportunity to try it out. Walking up Stokes Croft you can’t help but admire the new signage outside Pieminister, with their bloody genius strapline ‘Live and eat pie’ painted on the brick wall in style. Inside has the same minimal cool feel, with wooden tables, metal overhead lights and canteen chairs.

We settled in and ordered some mixed pickles (cornichons and pickled onions) and ‘Gourmet’ pork scratchings, while we got excited about the menu. I also ordered a bottle of one of my favourite ciders – Orchard Pig Reveller – it was a joy to see that on the menu.

Now, I must admit that although I absolutely LOVE Pieminister pies, I have probably only eaten three in my lifetime, so I’m certainly not an expert and was excited to see some new (to me) offerings on the menu. These included the Peahock pie – ham hock, peas (see what they did there) and the Freeranger pie – chicken, ham hock, leek and cheddar. For obvious reasons (cheese), I went for the Freeranger, but I went a bit against the curve when it came to the sides. Instead of opting for the Mothership (I love their way with words!), which comprised of pie, mash, gravy, minty mushy peas, grated cheddar cheese and crispy shallots for just £7.95, I went for chips, mushy peas and gravy. Suffice to say I think everyone was a bit jealous of my chips when they arrived!

Served on cool enamel crockery on top of boards, the pies were served piping hot and cooked to perfection. As usual, the pastry was crisp – no soggy bottoms here Mary Berry, and packed full of deliciously tasty filling including large chunks of free range chicken, ham and cheesy leeks. YUM. The chips, which I wasn’t expecting to be amazing, given that these guys specialise in pie and mash, were some of the best I have had – really salty, thin and crisp, I was reluctant to give any away!

To sum things up then, we all had a really lush time, ate loads of delicious pie and accompaniments (the gravy and peas are ALWAYS good) in a cool environment, for under a tenner each. If you are peckish, in the area and don’t want to take risks – live and eat pie!

24 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PR
0117 942 3322


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    Why didn’t I get a mention Becs?

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