My naked wine experience

No this is not some dodgy wine themed calendar we’re doing, it’s a review about the wine tasting I went to last week held by the lovely people at Naked Wines.

The tasting was held at Brunel’s Old Station on Tuesday evening, the lovely Fran from Naked Wines explained that the evening was a casual affair and invited us to wander around the tables, help ourselves to the wine and talk to the winemakers about their products (there were over 100 wines there so we had a lot of work to do!!)

I could bore you with the tastes and flavours of the wines we tried from each winemakers – but I wont, you can take my word that they were fantastic quality and very enjoyable. Instead I want to talk about how great Naked Wines’ concept really is. Definitely a wine club with a difference.

Wine can be purchased by members and non members (members are known as Angels). Angels receive free delivery and 33% cashback off every order.

Membership fees from the Angels go towards Naked securing funds to invest in independent winemakers from across the globe; in return these winemakers sell their wine exclusively through Naked. The wines you get here, you cannot get from anyone else.

The wines we tried were truly superb. With so many to choose from I think we barely tried half of what was on offer. The ones which stood out for us however were a Spanish white from Carlos Roriguez and fantastic Portuguese from Oscar Quevedo. I was amazed to see how many wines were appellation d’origine de controle or equivalent – real proof that these are makers of highly regulated and real quality wines.

Throughout the evening I couldn’t help but notice a real sense of community. The winemakers were passionate about their wines and about the opportunities brought to them by Naked. The Angels who attended were all give badges so the winemakers could thank them personally – the hall was simply buzzing with people talking and sharing their interests.

We managed to meet founder, Rowan Gormley who told us more about the concepts behind the company and thanked us for the tweets leading up to the event (it was great that he’d noticed!!) Becci and I were even lucky enough to catch up with a couple of the Naked Angels who were simply bursting with positive things to say about the wines they bought from Naked – they particularly liked the South African Wines.

This sense of community is also reflected online, Angels are encouraged to rate their wines and comment on each one, winemakers are awarded ratings based on their ‘likes’ and comments.

I’ve probably ranted enough now, a superb evening by Naked Wines, thoroughly enjoyed and a great way to showcase what is clearly a fantastic concept and an innovative way of supporting independent winemakers.

You can (and I urge you to) find out more about Naked Wines from their website:

One thought on “My naked wine experience

  1. Ben Reply

    I joined up with Naked and my first order was fine, 10 quite good wines, 1 very good and one poor – all at a reasonable price.

    After the fist batch had been drunk I gave them feedback and in return they gave me a £30 discount on my next order.

    Some time later I had an email saying I had seven days to use the £30 discount. When I logged on my account showed a £30 credit. However, when I actually placed my order I was charged the full amount and the £30 credit still showed in on my account.

    I sent a polite email asking them to rectify this.
    The email I got back was dismissive and said that there was a minimum spend for the voucher to be valid and suggested that I bought more wine.
    I replied saying that the restrictions were not shown in the email nor in the ordering process.
    There response was to say “I’m sure you can appreciate that we can’t dish out free wine” then they suggested I buy even more wine.

    I replied again saying they were misleading customers and should close my account.

    I then received a a call from Naked Wines (Aran?) who was quite clear that they don’t show the voucher has restrictions in their emails nor on the account screen but it is hidden in the terms and conditions.

    …and I quote “that means we’re right”

    I haven’t sworn down the phone for a long, long time but to be honest the little slime ball deserved it.

    As for the wine they recommended (at £9.99 a bottle!) I drank one glass and used the rest in a casserole.

    I would recommend using other wine clubs, or even going to the supermarket over Naked Wines.

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