Last month I ate… October / November

Oh it feels so nice to be blogging again. I sort of skipped the October roundup, but I’ve eaten some really delicious things this Autumn which are well worth sharing…

Amazing ribs from the Aviator on Chandos Road in Redland. Check out the full review here.

One of the best racks of ribs I’ve had in ages at Aviator Bar in redland last night – delicious!

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Shepherd’s pie. Home cooked. I don’t have a standard recipe, I sort of make it up as a I go along using whatever we have in the kitchen. Last weeks the topping was a mixture of mashed potato and butternut squash. Baked in the oven and always topped with cheese. Winter perfection.

Divine vegetarian food from Flow. For our anniversary we went to Flow in the Bearpit. All I can say is wow. The halloumi in tomato sauce and carrot and cashew tartine were wonderful. Full review here.

Food cooked with the foodie babe. He’s only one so his food hygiene leave a lot to be desired. But cooking together is one of my new favourite pastimes. Crumble is a winner so far, he can help cut, pour, stir and mix.  We’ve made two or three over the last month. I know he bites the apple slices whilst also putting them in the bowl, which is pretty gross. But its only me and daddy eating it –  and frankly, we don’t mind.

Crumble comfort #foodmemories

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Crumble and custard food bliss #foodmemories

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Sarnies, coffee and cake from Spicer and Cole. At work our kitchen has been being renovated, which meant no coffee machine for a week. As such I was in Spicer and Cole at every given opportunity. The chicken flatbreads, the financier cakes, the coffee. Yum.

spicer cole


Thai tapas from Giggling Squid, delivered by Deliveroo. I loved the Deliveroo experience (you can read about it here). The food was lush too. I particularly loved the salt and pepper squid and their Limey crab cakes, yum.

Baklava. Bought from my local greengrocers, Full Basket. Baklava feels like such an indulgence it’s so sticky and sweet, a brilliant pick me up mid afternoon with a coffee. These ones were miniature and consequently, the perfect portion of sweetness without feeling like you needed an immediate jog to the dentist.

Sticky sweet baklava with coffee #foodmemories

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The independent boy. Bacon, avocado and cream cheese bagels from Bagel Boy. It’s messy, but boy it tastes good.

Halloumi. Inspired by our anniversary meal at Flow, I’ve started buying and cooking halloumi. Cooked on a hot griddle so it chars and served in a rich tomato sauce it makes a wicked side dish.

Eggs. Laid by recue hens on my Mum’s farm in Pembrokeshire. Here is Leo and his older cousin William collecting the eggs and cuddling the chickens. Wonderful.

Cousin William introduced Leo to the chickens! #farm #chicken #instatot #rescuehens

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Now working up my Christmas appetite…

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