Rocotillos review: Milkshake magic in Bristol’s all-american diner

Updated October 2013: Since writing this review back in 2010, Rocotillos has become a staple favourite of mine in Bristol.  The milkshakes are still fantastic, the burgers nicely charred and tasty, the breakfast buns huge and the atmosphere is the epitome of Bristol cool. 

Walking into Rocotillo’s is like stepping into an American diner with a difference. Bright colours and old posters adorn the walls but you can’t help but notice that rockier British edge… mosaics on the walls and posters for local bands and DJ nights – Rocotillos is certainly the place to be!

Rocotillos Menu 1

The kitchen in the centre of the cafe gives Rocotillos a buzzing atmosphere, an excellent reputation and service to match (they even won an award for the Best Breakfast in 07) means that the restaurant is always busy – filled with families, students, and professionals alike – a real catch all hideout.

The menu is modest and prices are reasonable, breakfasts burgers and typical diner food – be warned however – the portions are big! I was flabbergasted (and awestruck) to see breakfast rolls the size of side plates being served.

Rocotillos Burger 2
Rocotillos Burger 1

The pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the milkshakes, with traditional flavours available plus many more unique concoctions. We opted for one banoffee and one phish food flavour – if theres one thing I love more than eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, its probably drinking it!

Milkshakes here are to die for, fantastic tasting and boy there’s a lot of them! £3-£4 sounds a bit steep but I saw a few people sharing one between two (I was feeling particularly greedy and managed to slurp up a whole one to myself!!)

I loved that I was handed the shaker to top up my glass as and when needed – and even more impressed to learn you could get the milkshakes to take away!

Rocotillos Milkshake 2

Rocotillos Milkshake 1


Verdict:  A cool and casual atmosphere means that it’s a great place to go for any occasion – breakfast, burgers, or even just a milkshake. Another one of Bristol’s must-sees.


1 Queen’s Road Bristol, Clifton Triangle, BS8 1EZ
0117 929 7207
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