Maximillions review: The biggest sandwiches in Bristol

Okay, so there are sandwiches and there are super ‘Joey from friends or Scooby doo would struggle’ sandwiches of which, Maximillion’s definitely falls into the latter.

‘Maxis’, as it is more fondly known is wonderfully simple and the portion sizes are phenomenal! Customers have a selection of three cooked meats, served in a white or wholemeal roll which is the size of a small plate.

Things get really exciting when it comes to salad. Included in your £3 is any five salads, and when I say any I mean ANY. Pasta and potato salads (yes in a sandwich) multiple cheeses including brie, mozzarella, feta, chedder, onions, coleslaw, red cabbage, rocket, lettuce, olives, peppers, tomatoes, Scotch Eggs! Onion Bhajis! (I repeat, in a sandwich!!) hard boiled eggs, gherkins, chickpeas, watercress… and this doesn’t even cover half of it!


The sandwiches, once completed usually stand 4-6 inches in height and are truly impressive – I normally can only manage half, the other half goes into the fridge at work for next-day leftovers!

Tucked into Broad Street in central Bristol, Maxis is one of those rather secretive places and discovering Maxis is kind of a secret handshake affair, where friends or colleagues agree only once deeming you’re worthy that you can be introduced! It’s well liked by many though –the proof is in the queues out of the door at lunchtimes!

In addition to take out, they have a self service dining area upstairs where you can sit and chill on comfy sofas, let’s face it, you need to be sat comfortably to tackle a sandwich this size!

Verdict: A must try for anyone who fancies a food challenge, especially boys with big appetite! 100% recommended!

42 Broad Street, Bristol

10 thoughts on “Maximillions review: The biggest sandwiches in Bristol

  1. Peter Reply

    Love this place! A world away from Greggs just round the corner (in food terms at least), I’ve been hooked since a friend took me here a few months ago.

  2. Gemma Reply

    I’ve also had it on very good authority that a Maxi’s breakfast sandwich is very good! there are quite a few not so good cafe’s in the centre of town and around St Nick’s market so a decent bacon buttie can be something of a rarity. Thanks to the lads at work for recommending the breakfasts!
    Gemma, Bristol Foodie

  3. Richard Lowes Reply

    Oh my god!!!!….this place is out of this world!. I live in Birmingham and every now and then my Mrs comes down to Bristol on behalf of her work. She buys a sandwich and has to bring it back for me and I mean when I say this place does the best damn Sandwiches ive ever tasted in my life!. Infact, im sat watching the footie eating one of them now….mmmm mmmmmmm!!!!!!

    Well done Maximillians,well done!

  4. Jamie Skey Reply

    Agreed. This place is shit hot. Gargantuan sandwiches abound there.

  5. David yeomans Reply

    Maximillions have over 250 salad items everyday! Not only that but a choice of 8 meats and for an 8″ nap with one meat and 5 salads it’s only £3.30!!!

    The new panini bar offers over 600 different combinations and only cost £3!!!

    Order yours today

    Love max xxx

  6. Tom Reply

    I prefer Greggs mate much nicer tuck….the steak bake is the best, and the women who serve you are luuuuuurrrrrvly!

    Only joking, Maximillions has to be the best lunchtime food establishment in Bristol….possibly the world

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Tom – each to his own… Lol!

      Lots of Maxis love over here :-)

      Bristol Foodie

  7. Chris Reply

    Year late, but think you need to read Tom’s comment in its entirety.

  8. Sam Reply

    I get sandwiches from you quite regularly. I really like them. However today I felt a little bit cheated. There is one person at your work who puts about half the amount in each sandwich when compared to the others. It’s not a major issue as I usually just try to avoid getting my sandwiches made by said person. But today I was unlucky enough to be served by them. I must say the Italian chicken makes a tasty sandwich but I was still hungry afterwards. Such a shame.

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Sam, we aren’t actually Maximillions, this is just a review sadly. I would definitely get in touch with them directly though. No one likes a stingy maxis…

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