Last month I ate… June roundup

Welcome to the first of hopefully a series of monthly round ups. So often I find myself eating the most wonderful food which is absolutely worth a mention, but perhaps doesn’t warrant a full review. For some its because I want to go back to try more before giving a full write up, for others its because they are old favourites which already reviewed, and some meals readers, as tasty and mention-worthy as they may be, simply aren’t deserving of a dedicated review.

So there you have it, and here’s my June round up. Last month I ate…

Lots of vegetarian food (cash is short so veggie fare is often on the menu!) Two big bags of fruit and veg will cost you only a tenner from Full Basket by the arches (just make sure you use it quickly!) There are too many delicious recipes to share them all, but the cookbook Jerusalem has served us very well this month – in particular roasted aubergine served with chunky courgette and tomato salad.

Cream Teas – what a wonderful  indulgence! I enjoyed one at Tyntesfield, one at the MShed and one at Dot Teas in Clevedon Craft Centre. Dottie’s  is the clear winner for me. The scones are baked by Dottie herself and taste all the better for being shared with the foodie baby whilst sat out in the fresh air at Clevedon Craft Centre
Dot Teas Clevedon Craft Centre

Avocados in abundance. Often these were snacks at home (the foodie baby loves avocado on toast). Often these were accompanied with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on sourdough toast at Boston Tea Party. It’s a brunch I have time and time again and I just keep coming back for more.

Veggie curries, one from Tiffins on St Michael’s Hill (this place is amazing), the other, coconut and lentil from The Better Food Company. I love The Better Food Co cafe, I especially love doing a spot of scrummy food shopping and having a mooch around the scrapstore upstairs. The food is fresh, seasonal and wholesome. Tiffins, is simply marvellous. Just the thought of their saag paneer, or that coriander and coconut chutney makes me salivate. What a brilliant friday night treat.

Refined and creative cuisine from the Acorn Kitchen in Bath. I enjoyed a beautiful meal with my boyfriend and his parents (WestDorsetFoodie). My meal, “carrots and onions” was simply divine. Purple and orange roasted carrots, carrot puree, onion cream, puy lentils – beautiful. The dessert, poached rhubarb and panna cotta was something else – light and delicate yet beautifully flavoured. (this one definitely deserves a full write up)

acorn kitchen onion carrot

acorn kitchen cauli

acorn kitchen rhubarb

Beetroot. There’s something wonderful about eating seasonally. My top recipes so far have been roasted sweet potato and beetroot and a pollock (from The Fish Shop) and beetroot traybake. Looking forward to eating more of this bright beaut in July.

Bread from The Breadstore on Glozza Road, Love Bristol Bakery on Stokes Croft and Pullins on Wine Street Farmers Market. (Also from Wine St Farmer’s market were some pretty decadent scotch eggs from taste fool – the black pudding one was lush)

Raspberry financier cakes washed down with a coffee from Bakers & Co on Gloucester Road. I have been meaning to try here for ages and then as luck would have it, the foodie babe was fast asleep in his pushchair as we were passing so I seized my opportunity. Californian inspired, the decor and menu were both lovely. My foodie counterpart Becci raves about the breakfasts here – and I’m very keen to try them.

bakers co coffee


For lunch at work Thai green curry from bao wow on Baldwin Street and Creole Chicken sandwiches from Sandwich Sandwich (not together of course!). Simple dishes which really hit the spot on a lunch time. Yum.

Pizza from Beerd. We love eating pizza as a family. It’s my boyfriend’s favourite food and is something that Leo can happily sit and share with us. Best of all they have a £5 lunchtime deal and 241 pizzas on a Monday. bargain. Beerd is a particular fave, nicely charred pizza base and simple but tasty toppings.

Stuff out of the slow cooker. Yes this pulled pork recipe was so good we cooked it twice in a fortnight. (Pork £6 a join from Dave Giles butchers) And yes, last night’s italian sausage casserole was sublime. (sausages from Licata). But however good the food tastes, I just can’t get that sense of pride and satisfaction when I serve it up. It just seems too easy. Almost cheating. Anyone else find this? Or is that just me?

I didn’t get round to trying… the Spanish and Greek delis on Park Row (Viandas and Sotiris). Next month!

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