Krishna’s Inn review: Rustic Keralan cuisine and a “real” taste of India

If you walked past Krishna’s Inn in a hurry you would almost certainly miss it, small and modestly decorated it certainly doesn’t look anything special. The thing that makes Krishna’s Inn wonderfully unique is the food.

Those of you looking for a regular (dare I say mundane?) balti or tikka masala will, I’m afraid, be sadly disappointed as this is genuine southern Indian cuisine originating from Kerala right on the tip of southern India.

You discard the usual balti house etiquette of ordering one curry, a rice and maybe a couple of side dishes in favour of a plethora of smaller dishes, mainly fish and vegetable, where everybody digs in! A much more social dining experience to my mind!

The food has a fantastically fresh and vibrant quality to it. With so many different flavours and dishes to choose from you leave the restaurant with your tummies full and your taste-buds tingling.

Our side dishes included included coconut parathas, a much less stodgy alternative to naan bread, a dry spinach and coconut dish and masala dosa, a large friend pancake with a fried potato and ghee filling.

For our curries we enjoyed a spinach and lentil daal and a vegetable korma, we ordered a vegetable pilau to go with it we could barely finish all that we had ordered. At a staggering sub £10 a head for food this was a real bargain.

Verdict: Highly recommended for those looking for a refreshing and rustic taste of India at a super affordable price.


Krishna’s Inn
4 Byron Place, Clifton Triangle
0117 927 68 64

One thought on “Krishna’s Inn review: Rustic Keralan cuisine and a “real” taste of India

  1. Gemma Reply

    Just wanted to say a big congratulations to Krishnas, I’ve noticed their window getting more and more full with newspaper reviews and awards. Although I’m a litle sad that this top notch secret curry house may not stay so secret for long, its great to see that great food and a good reputation is paying its dividends!

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