Hyde & Co review…Shhhh! It’s a Secret!

I’m going to keep this post very brief (or as brief as can be for someone who is prone to waffling), as the less said about this place, the better!

Now this may sound like I’m setting you up for a seriously negative blog…oh no, quite the opposite!

Hyde and Co, or as it’s more commonly known, The Secret Cocktail Bar, is as the name suggests, one of Bristol’s best kept secrets. Situated at the top of Park Street (no, I’m not going to tell you the address), Hyde and Co has steadily built a sterling reputation, more or less purely from word of mouth only.

Branded as a “Prohibition Bar”, the secrecy and mystique surrounding this place almost makes you believe that you could be sloping off to one of downton New York’s true 1920’s prohibiton bars…something that only adds to the “oh so slightly naughty” atmosphere here.

Service is seated only, so expect to be turned away if you turn up late on a busy night, but this adds to the exclusivity of the joint, as you’ll get none of the hustle and jostle you can find with other cocktail bars. Slick, civilised and extremely stylish, the interior is an eclectic fusion of vintage deco furniture, modern printed wallpapers and quirky details.

Finish this off with subtle lighting and some seriously dishy barmen and you have a recipe for success. Cocktails here are not for the faint hearted…you’ll find no sex on the beach here, and everything is strong, but the aforementioned barmen are incredibly helpful, and will happily knock something up for you if you give them an idea of what you like.

It’s also worth mentioning that prices here are suprisingly reasonable-considering the location and the exclusive feel of the place.

So if you’re a lover of cocktails, vintage decor, charming barmen or simply the idea of not having to stand shoulder to shoulder with strangers in a bar, then I’d highly recommend Hyde and Co. And with regards to directions…look for the bowler hat!

One thought on “Hyde & Co review…Shhhh! It’s a Secret!

  1. Polly Reply

    Lovely post! I agree with everything. Well worth a visit…if you can find it!

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