Guerrilla Burger review

Guerrilla burger opened earlier this year on Baldwin Street. An american-italian mash up offering burgers, sliders, cocktails and gelato. The restaurant is nicely decorated with an urban, industrial sort of feel and the prices are good, a burger or two sliders (mini burgers) with chips, a side and a drink for £7.95 on a lunch time – bargain.

My first experience was a little disheartening. It was a few weeks after they had opened and whilst the food was OK (we ordered sliders) it didn’t really deliver the flavour or wow factor we’d expected. Our croquettes were a bit bland, sliders were only OK and the slaw was a bit of a let down.

Then, earlier in June I spotted a tweet about how they’d started doing wraps, it was approaching lunchtime so I decided to give it ago, and it was great! £3.95 for a warm wrap filled with tasty beef, relish and burger sides. I really enjoyed it.

A few weeks later and I returned, but this time with my workmates for a team meeting. We ordered burgers which were enjoyed by all of us, glowing reports all round.

A few niggles around wooden forks (they just feel gross in your mouth – shudder!) and paying for extra portions of sauce is a bit off in a gourmet burger place – they should be free (and preferably home made).

My burger (the royale with cheese) was a good portion and nicely cooked. Slightly pink in the middle, lots of flavour, nice relish and gherkins and a good burger-to-bun ratio. The mixed leaf salad I chose for my side was unexciting but also unoffesive (the ruby slaw that my workmate chose looked great though.) The chips were crispy and nicely seasoned, in short, a great lunch!

On the whole, my work colleagues agreed. I’ve included their reviews below:

Vicky also ordered a Royale with cheese…
“Really liked the burgers and the buns were just the right softness without falling apart. Majorly let down by having to pay 50p for Ketchup, should come free with a burger in my opinion! Chips were soft and crispy with a nice sprinkling of spices. Mixed leaves were a bit pointless.”

Emma ordered a falafel burger…
“Agree with Vic’s paying for sauce point. That’s what you expect from a chain. Apart from that I thought it was great. Falafel is often quite dry but this one wasn’t at all. Lots of flavour, and a good bun to filling ratio.”

Katherine ordered a sweet potato burger…
“My potato rosti burger was really tasty. The rubyslaw was hot and spicy and you get a good amount. Nothing was too greasy and I liked that the burger buns were proper bread and looked good. Maybe if you have the potato rosti they should suggest swapping the chips for a different side? I didn’t think to do this so was a bit potato’d out. To be picky, I wasn’t a big fan of the wooden fork and eating off cardboard.”

A few days later, I went back again and tried the panko chicken wrap with sweet potato chips and wasabi mayo (which reminded me just how much I like wasabi mayo) Again, really tasty, nicely cooked and a great lunchtime bite.

So all in all, a positive review, I really like Guerrilla. They might have hit a few stumbling blocks when they first opened, and sure, they still have things they need to work on, but lets face it, what business doesn’t? Based on my recent visits; food, service and price are all good. If three visits in one week doesn’t already make me a regular customer, I’m well on the way.

Guerrilla Burger Bristol
Shop 1, Bridge House, 48 – 52 Baldwin Street, Bristol, United Kingdom
Phone: 0117 929 0870
Twitter: @GuerrillaBurg

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