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We’ve been wowed by Grillstocks BBQ fare at their annual events in Bristol before so were excited to see that they were to be the newest addition to St Nicolas Market Glass Arcade, replacing the Trethowan’s Dairy stall.

One week in and the menu is simple but effective. A choice of ribs or hickory pulled pork both served with slaw. I opted for the pork bap. Flavour was good and the meat moist without being greasy. The slaw was refreshing and chunky, adding that all important crunch. (I hate sloppy slaw – nothing worse!). I topped mine off with some spicy barbeque sauce. Not too spicy but just enough flavour to pull everything together.

A satisfying lunch and something different to the other fare on offer in St Nicks. At £4.00 a sandwich its not super-cheap however considering they use local meat and produce it is good value. My only negative point was that they didn’t accept my newly purchased Bristol Pounds – that said, they’ve assured me that this is on the to-do list and that they should be accepting £B1s shortly!

9 thoughts on “Grillstock – St Nick’s Market Review

  1. ben Reply

    Hi Gemma, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review! Next one’s on the house :) Ben

  2. Grillstock n00b Reply

    With you completely except for the bap. For £4 (or at least because it’s their opening month) I would have expected something a little less cheap like a sour dough bun or similiar. Fair enough if they weren’t able to make a big enough margin on them, but I think the supermarket bap devalued it a bit.

  3. BrookieB Reply

    Yeah, you guys should get better bread… i really enjoyed my pulled pork sandwich I tried at See No Evil last month but the bun wasn’t good at all. I hate glutinous white bread. Most people who are into food do.

  4. Becky Reply

    Mediocre. I have had way better elsewhere.

  5. Bristol Man Reply

    Gone up to £4.50 now and still using the same rubbish rolls.
    Sometimes the meat is really sloppy, sometimes it’s nice.

    Had better for the money, wouldn’t bother to be honest.

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks for the comment, seems there are a few punters less than amazed and the rolls are definitely below par!

      Have you tried meat and bread in college green? He is pretty good.


  6. Rich Reply

    Have been a fan since it set up but went todayu and they have started weighing out the portions on scales, resulting in (what seems to be) about half the amount of filling.
    Grill Stock always seemed like a kind of cool “big meat” place. This makes it all to aparent that margin is everything.
    Not cool. Not cool at all.

  7. jacky n jim Reply

    We had pulled pork baps for lunch on Monday they were fantastic filled with juicy tender pork in fab rolls we think your 2012 2013 reviews should be updated as they seem to give an unjust account of your current offering

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Jacky n Jim.

      Sounds tasty & like we are in need of an update. We’ve been ploughing our way through a content audit to update and re-review places but haven’t quite got to this post yet. It’s a massive help when readers like yourselves take the time to leave feedback on more recent experiences. Thanks for the taking the time to comment

      Gemma :-)

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