Easy peasy frozen yoghurt

Probably one of the easiest & quickest desserts to make – EVER

The recipe is from ‘Jamie’s 30 minute meals’ – he calls it 1 minute berry ice cream but actually its more of a frozen yoghurt (although that’s just me being pedantic!)

Ps – you need a food processor for this

1 500g bag of frozen fruits
3-4 tbsp runny honey
500g natural yoghurt
Few sprigs of fresh mint

1) You can put some glasses to freeze for about 20 mins before ding this if you want, we didn’t but it’s a good way to stop it warming up too quickly and it looks kinda cool
2) Put the honey, yoghurt and mint leaves into the food processor and blitz
3) Add the frozen berries and blitz again until it’s all combined – this might take a few minutes and I definitely recommend that you try it frequently to check how well everything is mixed up


Serve with fresh berries or as an accompaniment to another desert – we had this with chocolate brownies and it was LUSH

2 thoughts on “Easy peasy frozen yoghurt

  1. tamsine russell Reply

    hiya we tried making this, but it turn out like a rock wasnt like jamies one at all …. have u any tips on how to make it more of an ice cream consistency ?x

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi tam sine, did you put it in the freezer after you’d made it, I think that its best if you just blitz the frozen fruit in the processor and serve straight away. I put some leftovers in the freezer and now need to wait for them to pretty much defrost before serving.

      The only other thing I can think of is maybe experimenting with extra yoghurt or a dash of cream? I haven’t tried this though Sao it would be an experiment!

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