Corn Street farmers market, Bristol City Centre

Corn Street farmers market
Every Wednesday 9.30am – 2.30pm

Walk down Corn Street on a Wednesday and you are absorbed by a hubbub of passionate foodies scrabbling to get to the stalls of the weekly farmers market.

There’s a brilliant selection here, two or three of most types of thing but each with their own spin. Bread, cakes, veg, meat, poultry, fish, pate, cheese – you get the picture, they’ve got it all! What really astounded me though was buying a fortnights worth of meat, fish and cheese for £25. You just can’t get this sort of value and quality in supermarkets.

I cant go through everybody (I haven’t yet tried them all!) and unfortunately can’t remember the names of everyone – there was a shortage of business cards and leaflets when I went last, below are some of my favourites…

Meat – it has to be Falcondale farm for me. 12 chipolatas just £3 and a pack of four faggots for £2.50. This may not be gourmet style meat but you know what its good quality at great prices – and the faggots and chips we had for tea were awesome. Another treat is one of their homemade Cornish pasties – lunchtime delights!

Natural Vitality not only offer a range of organic dips (many are gluten free too!) but also offer beautiful salad pots at just £2 each. Their thai rice salad was brilliant – great for a quick lunch.

Fish – for me this really as bargain of the day. Dorset caught fish from the Handpicked Shellfish Company where catch of the day is whats on special offer. Two plaice for £5 plus two mackerel at just over £3. I was impressed at the fact that the fish were gutted for me there and then at the back of the market stall

Cheese – another bargain with extra mature chedder, somerset brie and farmhouse butter all for less than £5 (unfortunately my boyfriend is a cheese fiend so this lasted barely a week in our house – must buy more next time!) There are a couple of cheese suppliers there, I go to the one in front of Lloyds next to the fishmonger (will remember their name for next time!)

Druids farm strawberries are something pretty special they really tasted good. You can also pick up Helen’s homemade potato salad from Druids farm – I can assure you it is excellent.

Best til last are Pippin’s doughnuts… oh my word, these doughnuts changed my life. At first I thought £1.25 was a ridiculous price for a doughnut, but then I tried them – I think I’d pay more just eat them again and again. I went for the strawberry and cream flavoured first. A doughnut of gigantic proportions, covered in sugar, the strawberry compote tasted really fresh, not like the borderline acidic strawberry goo you normally find in doughnuts. Interspersed with this yummy strawberry jam were gorgeous globules of vanilla cream. Other flavours include butterscotch (if you are quick enough to get one) banoffee, and lemon curd – if you ignore everything else in this post, try one of these doughnuts!

My one criticism is on the chicken front. The chicken farmer there is organic and charges between £10 and £12 for a chicken, I’m sorry but for me, this is just too expensive.

I was lucky however as just around the corner from the market is Source food hall where you can get a whole chicken leg for just £1.50, still free range, still local, and only 30 seconds from the centre of the market.

All in all it’s a good market and well worth a visit – not quite as bargainous as some of the others – especially those further out of town. But then again it is the city centre so you expect to pay more. That said it’s probably the best for a true market atmosphere filled with buzz and people.. See you there next Wednesday!

3 thoughts on “Corn Street farmers market, Bristol City Centre

  1. Fleece Reply

    Seconded. The fish is first rate (2 x stalls usually), as are the cheeses. A really good bread stall, a couple of good organic meat stalls – one of which offers wood pigeon and pheasent (when in season. The doughnuts – I am working my way through the varieties but the chocolate one appears to have a smooth ganache filling, and loads of it. Krispy Kreme are £1.20 each and I do love them but fresh and loaded with filling these are their equal if not better.

    • Gemma Reply

      thanks for the comment Fleece, glad that you agree with our review… all I can say is that those doughnuts changed my life!
      thanks! Gemma

  2. Becci Reply

    Wednesday is my new favourite day. The doughnuts are immense! x

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