Cafe Sewciety review

I started writing this review on Cordial and Grace but as of April 2014 they’ve had a facelift and are now known as Cafe Sewciety. Their website assures me the same decor, menu and service remains, a relief as over the past few months Cordial and Grace had become one of my favourite brunchtime hangouts in Clifton!

The tearoom is both retro in a 50s / 60s diner kind of way but with a modern twist. Brightly coloured cushions and lampshades and flowery wallpaper are set off with a black and white chequered flooring and paired with chunky colourful mugs for coffee and vintage china for tea. It feels bright, modern and fun!



Of course a fancy decor and lighthearted ambiance alone wouldn’t be enough to win my heart against the plethora of cafe competition in Clifton Village. Cafe Sewciety also hits the spot when it comes to their menu offerings.

The homemade cakes are impressive – in particular I recommend the red velvet cake which comes in gargantuan slices and is devilishly delicious. Also worth a mention are the chocolate orange brownies which are equally awesome.

Those in search of something savoury and more substantial need look no further than the brunch menu, with the most expensive dish costing just £6.95 by Clifton standards, this is a bargain.


I’ve sampled the black pudding and cherry tomato potato cakes which come served with a fried egg, brown sauce and salad leaves. Admittedly, salad with breakfast items is a little confused but the staple ingredients of this dish are so tasty that this mismatch is easily overlooked. The potato cakes are crispy and really flavoursome, the eggs well cooked and runny in the middle. I love the black pudding and even better its supplied by the village butcher just over the road.

For me, however the ultimate treat and my favourite offering on a hungry Sunday is the pancakes. So much so that our waitress was visibly shocked by how quickly we polished off our portions on our last visit (much to our embarrassment!)

For me, its blueberry every time. The pancakes, cooked in the traditional, dropped scone style, have blueberries in the batter and are accompanied with fresh blueberries, syrup and ice cream. I love the mix of squidgy cooked blueberries in the pancakes and their fresh blueberry accompaniments. The ice cream and syrup simply add to the scrummy indulgence of this dish.


My boyfriend, Sam, on our last visit opted for the butterscotch and banana pancakes – also served with ice cream. This one sounded too sweet even for my palate however Sam wolfed them down without so much as offering me a mouthful and assured me they were divine.


Again, these are reasonably priced at just £6.95 a portion. It’s refreshing to go out for brunch in Clifton and get a couple of coffees, two plates of food and have a reasonable amount of change from a £20 note!


My verdict: Cafe Sewciety reminds me of that song in the Sound of Music, Raindrops on roses. A wonderful collection of my favourite things and well worth a visit.

Cafe Sewciety (previously Cordial & Grace)
9 The Mall, Clifton
0117 970 6259
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