Bristols best street food

I feel quite proud of Bristol’s street food scene, we have some pretty awesome grub being served up on the streets of our fair city. Below isn’t a fully comprehensive list but it’s some of my favourites.

Sourdough Cafe St Nicholas Market, Glass Arcade

Sourdough Cafe is a wonderful haven in the idle of St Nicks Market. Enjoying a cup of extract coffee (In a real cup and saucer) and chowing down one of their toasties is a top lunchtime pastime. Favourite flavours are brie with red onion chutney. A sourdough toastie is like a lunchtime hug. Sourdough Cafe Toastie

Caribbean Wrap
St Nicholas Market, Glass Arcade

On days when I’m feeling miserable, nothing cheers me up more than jerk chicken with rice and peas – a bargain at less than a fiver.

Chilli daddy
Wine Street Food Market – Fridays

Szechuan noodles served in a hot pot or as a cold salad with meat and bean sprouts. Beautifully spiced, these taste amazing. It saddens me that they are only around on Fridays – but then, too much of a good thing can be bad, and these guys are the best Friday lunchtime treat.

Falafel King, Harbourside
Phone 0117 329 4476

Smack bang in the centre by the harbourside and under the stars. Crunchy falafel in yummy wraps at good prices.

Niangs Thai Snacks
Wine Street Food Market – Fridays

Another Friday highlight, Niangs offer beautiful Thai curries and snacks to brighten up your Fridays from wine streets food market. well priced and well cooked – yum!

Pie minister
St Nicholas Market, Glass Arcade

Pie minister pastry still remains a rather wonderful mystery to me, crunchy, buttery and all round lush. Great pies, great fillings and great flavours.

Natural Vitality
Corn street farmers market – Wednesdays

Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan but still tasty! Natural vitality offer salad pots and homemade hummus – as well s some other tasty snacks. My favourite combination is the Thai rice salad, with beet root and orange and a flavoured hummus.

Bagel boy
Park street, Bristol

I’m not sure if this strictly counts as street food as Bagel Boy is a pop up in the elbow room bar of Park Street. They are serving out of the window onto the street though and you can also find them in various markets. The bagels are tasty, the ingredients fresh. Try the salt beef and the New York boy in particular – yum!

Bagel Boy Bristol

St Nicholas Market, Glass Arcade

The queue outside Eatapitta gives an instant indication of how tasty they are. Crunchy falafel served with either a salad or in a pitta. The falafel is one of the best I’ve tried, this hits the spot every time.

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