Bristol’s Best Chinese restaurants

There are many Chinese restaurants in Bristol – some are better than others. The following are all top notch and we would recommend these for authentic and well cooked Chinese food any day.

16a St. Thomas Street Bristol, Avon BS1 6JJ
A beautiful looking restaurant, light and airy with that quite typical Chinese feel. The dim sum menu is well priced with lots of choice. I’d recommend the fried pork dumplings as well as the steamed pork and prawn dumplings. Fried squid and wantons are also fantastic. Service and prices are both excellent. Well worth a visit.

3A-5 Haymarket Walk, The Haymarket, Bristol, BS1 3LN
A dare I say it basic looking restaurant situated in the centre of Bristol in the Bear Pit – from the outside, Mayflower looks like nothing special. Even the décor inside is simple and un-flashy. What makes Mayflower exceptional is the food.

The menu features authentic Chinese food in both English and Chinese which makes Mayflower the perfect place to go if you’re feeling experimental. Service is good and staff are happy to make recommendations. The flavours of the dishes are vibrant, the atmosphere is homely – all in all these guys have it spot on. I’ve also been with a friend who is allergic to gluten and they were incredibly accomodating.

To try: Koushui Chicken, a szechuan special and soft shell crab or squid in chilli salt.

Eastgate Oriental City, Eastgate Road, Eastville, Bristol, BS5 6XY

Situated above Wai Yee Hong Chinese supermarket, Watersky is well worth the drive out of town. There are a number of different menus available on all you can eat menu, an a la carte with more conventional Chinese dishes, a Dim Sum menu available at lunchtimes and on Sunday and the traditional Chinese menu. Sadly the traditional chinese menu is only available in Chinese (although it is in English online) however I really recommend that you ask your waiter for their recommendations from this menu as the food is fantastic.

To try: Three roasties, roasted duck and pork and also one of the hot pots.

Wongs Chinese Restaurant
12 Denmark Street, Bristol, BS1 5DQ

A beautiful restaurant situated just off Denmark Street, round the back of the Hippodrome. Again there are multiple menus here, the Cantonese menu which is more common on Britian, as well as the Szechuan menu. Make sure you ask for both and get recommendations if needed. This is a restaurant which will not disappoint.

To try: Chilli baked chicken (from the szechuan menu) and beef in black pepper sauce

Cathay Rendezvous
30 King Street, Bristol, BS1 4DZ
Recently under new management Cathay Rendezvous serve fantastic food in a quirky setting. The walls are decorated with signed photos from actors who have come to town be it to the Old Vic Theatre or to the Hippodrome. The restaurant is large as is the menu but service and food are good and its an enjoyable meal out.

To try: Steamed sea bass in soy sauce – it sounds odd but also ask for the bones and head to be deep fried. Amazing!

New Emperor Court
Portland Street , Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4JB
Less authentic than the others on our best list but nonetheless good food which is cooked well delivered with excellent service in a nice setting. Prices are reasonable and we are yet to be disappointed. Worth a try if you are in the area.

8 thoughts on “Bristol’s Best Chinese restaurants

  1. Matt Reply

    It is hard to take a list of Bristol’s Best Chinese restaurants seriously that doesn’t include Dynasty. Previously voted one of the best in the country, let alone Bristol.

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Matt – Thanks for your comment.

      Believe me Dynasty are on our to try list and this post will be added to as and when we try new places which we feel cut the mustard! Weirdly Dynasty weren’t shortlisted for the Bristol Good Food Awards (shortlist voted by the people of Bristol) which I was surprised about as their reputation is fantastic.
      Have you tried some of the others on the list? Any other feedback or recommendations please let us know

      Bristol Foodie

  2. Jason Reply

    Mayflower is head and shoulders above the rest in food quality but is quite ascetic. However, their staff are some of the best I have seen in the whole country in regards to service and their prices, for the food quality, surpass most of the competition. I have had the pleasure of eating at chinese restaurants in Manchester, Birmingham, London and throughout Asia and America. Friends from Hong Kong even say the chefs at Mayflower create better food than commonly found in Hong Kong.

    Dynasty, to echo Matt’s comments, is another fantastic restaurant. Their food quality is not as high as Mayflower’s but they have the typical ‘big chinese restaurant feel’. I do enjoy their dim sum and the fact I can get it all the time instead of just at lunch time. However, I would say that I would not compare it to the Mayflower as the cuisine is different as well as the ambiance.

    Both establishments have that “where am I going!” feel. Mayflower with its underground entrance off Haymarket and Dynasty one-door entrance with its stairs in it foyer. If they would be situated in a heavily congested china-town district, they would fit right in.

  3. Les Reply

    My experience of Dynasty was not a good one I am afraid. Having high expectations from reviews by others I was really looking forward to it. The starters were lovely, really tasty. But after that the food was pretty bland ( which is unusual for any Chinese meal ).
    Maybe I just happened to be their when the chef had a bad day I don;t know but I am very reluctant to return.
    Also the service was not as good as it should have been. I have found Cathay Rendezvous to be much better in the past but I admit I have not tried since it was under new management.

    • Gemma Reply

      Thanks for the comment Les – sounds very disappointing.

      Truly excellent Chinese restaurants are often few and far between in Bristol – Mayflower is still my personal favourite though… salt and pepper soft shell crab..mmmmm!

      Bristol Foodie

  4. Sibohan Reply

    I’ve heard really good things about Wong’s food quality but nothing about their portion sizes. Its my birthday in a few weeks and I was just wondering whether their portion sizes are worth their prices. I have some really big-bellied people coming out with me on my birthday evening!

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Siobhan
      I don’t remember the portions standing out as being particularly large or small? Just medium I guess?! I have a fairly little appetite and didn’t finish mine (but then, I never finish a full portion!) also we went on a lunchtime rather than evening.
      I guess the good thing about Chinese is that you can order sides / starters and duck pancakes to fill up on!
      Sorry I can’t be of more help
      Gemma x

  5. Del Reply


    My partner and I went to the Dynasty 2 days ago. It was globally disappointing.

    First, the entrance: a ladder on the floor and a banner half on the floor half attached.
    Then, at the entrance of the restaurant, first floor, some rubbish in the corner of the wall and the door (paper, dust…)
    We open the door to discover the big nice place and its dirty floor… It might have not been sweep and mop for a while. At the table, the chairs were stuck on the floor, were damage, the plan on the table was seriously dying because of a huge lack of water, and the small window was full of dust…

    Food: Big portions. I had a rice and duck. More bones and grease than meat. My partner was ok with is sea food noodles. But nothing great,

    Toilets: Are the perfume candles everywhere to hid any smell? Dirty floor everywhere (behind the door was worst), sink and tap full of limescales stains. Tiles and toilets not very great…

    Bill: £50 for 2, no alcohol, just 2 starters+2 mains+a soft drink and a cider , and a service charge which has never been mentioned anywhere!

    Positive point: Very polite and nice staff!

    Maybe it has been a very busy day for the manager and staff and I came on this bad day… I don’t want to be rude with the owners at all but I have been working in various venues (hotel, restaurant, theatre, music venue etc) and I think that all those kind of details are important and need to be consider in a list of the best Bristol restaurant on a Bristol Foodie website.



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