Clifton Cellars wine tasting review

December; always a time of drinking and festivities however with oh so many parties to attend, going out can become a little mundane, which is why this year we decided to try something a little bit different and organise our very own wine tasting.

With no expansive knowledge of wine (other than that we all enjoyed drinking it!) we chose The Clifton Cellars, a traditional and rustic wine cellar situated on The Mall in the centre of Clifton Village.

Once tucked away in the stone cellar surrounded by bottles and kegs the ambience was wonderful and you really felt as if you had been launched into a new world, where there is much more to wine than that first sip. Within minutes we were sniffing, swilling, and sipping a multitude of wines and challenging our taste buds under the care of our mentor and resident connoisseur, Alan.

Altogether we tried eight different wines, four red and four white, whilst enjoying cheese and biscuits throughout the tasting. At only £15 per head this was a bargain price for an evening which was enjoyable, educational and refreshingly different to the average night out.

Since attending the tasting I’ve popped into the cellars to purchase wine for various meals we are cooking / attending (and even Christmas dinner) and am always delighted to see the passion for wine which was prevalent throughout the tasting is present in the buying experience – and am yet to be recommended a wine which is anything less than excellent.

Far from the snobbery and extortionate prices which you may expect from such a knowledgeable wine merchant, the staff at The Clifton Cellars are incredibly helpful and will only recommend you wines which sit within your budget. Generally speaking you can pick something up from around £8 a bottle and unlike the supermarkets, the cheap stuff here is not to be sniffed at and is still a great quality wine.

As well as the private tasting we enjoyed, group wine tastings and wine courses are all available at the cellars and they are definitely worth a visit for a foodie looking for the perfect accompaniment to their meal.

Verdict: A brilliant activity for a group in search of an alternative Christmas or Birthday celebration. We’ve learned so much from Alan and the team at The Clifton Cellars who are able to present wine in an approachable, and unpretentious way – plus the selection of wine on offer is truly fantastic! 


The Clifton Cellars
22 The Mall, Clifton
0117 9730287
Mon – Fri: 09:30 – 18:30 | Saturday: 09:30 – 18:00 | Sunday: Closed

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