Bring on St Paul’s Carnival 2011 – top notch Caribbean cuisine!

Vibrant, colourful, buzzing – St Paul’s Carnival is Bristol’s best street party. But behind booming sound systems and cans of red stripe, St Pauls’ streets are teaming with exotic culinary delights.

Wandering through the carnival the air is thick with the aromas of Caribbean home cooking. For me, the day wouldn’t be complete without jerk chicken, complicated to eat – maybe, a bit on the greasy side – of course, but packed with flavour, succulent, spicy and the ultimate carnival grub – definitely!

Goat curry, dumplings, BBQ chicken… my mouth watered at every corner. If you were searching for a lighter bite there was fruit and bags of sugar cane – stripped and chopped by had at the food stalls and what could be more refreshing than jelly coconuts? (with a generous helping of rum smuggled in!)

Jerk chicken, jelly coconuts and sunshine – it’s not quite the Caribbean but it’s the closest I’m going to get… until next year!


2 thoughts on “Bring on St Paul’s Carnival 2011 – top notch Caribbean cuisine!

  1. Peter Nunn Reply

    The food at the carnival was truly amazing today. A big well done to all the cooks feeding the masses. If you want to see some cool highlights of the carnival they are quite a good watch.

    • Gemma Reply

      Hi Peter – We were so gutted that we couldn’t be there, unfortunately all 3 of us were away this weekend – nice to hear that the food was as good as ever though – long live the jelly coconut I say!!
      Thanks again for leaving a comment
      Gemma x

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