Aviator Bar and Galley Kitchen review

It feels like a while since I’ve done a review. It’s not because I haven’t tried anywhere new. More that it’s been a while since I tried somewhere which got me really excited.

It was the ribs at The Aviator Bar and Galley Kitchen on Chandos Road  which broke my review-writing drought. Short version, I loved it, you should go there. If you want the longer version (and I hope you do), keep reading to find out why.

The bar is fairly small – perhaps 5-6 tables, and some bar stools with a modest courtyard. Decor is quirky but avoid being cheesey. A propellor on the wall, lights suspended from a wing over the bar and portholes on the wall.

The menu is simple – but tasty. Ribs hold pride of place, other items include burgers and hot dogs. We opted for the ribs and when they arrived, they did not disappoint.

Plenty of meat on the bone and cooked in a delicious home made barbeque sauce. Both Sam and I agreed that they were some of the best tasting ribs that we could remember.

Served with a modest green salad with chillies and balsamic, and a side order of fries, the dishes were unfussy but satisfying and good value at £7.95 a piece. My one critique would be that the fries were a little over salty for my liking. But this is me being picky.

A high flying meal (sorry, the aviation pun was too hard to resist). Other things worth a mention are the great selection of craft beers, the fact they serve prosecco on tap and some mean looking cocktails.

Best ribs in Bristol? Possibly. Certainly the best I’ve had in a long long time.


The Aviator Bar and Galley Kitchen
2b Chandos Road, Redland, Bristol, BS6 6PE
0117 329 2500
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